Fortnite Stats tracker: Epic Games announce patch 7.40 DELAY

UPDATE ONE Epic Games has now confirmed that the Fortnite 7.40 update has been delayed and will not be releasing at the previously mentioned 9am, GMT, time. More is expected to be announced in the coming hours. ORIGINAL: Fortnite patch 7.40 is being released tomorrow, February 13, and will include some changes to the stats […]

Santa Tracker LIVE: Where in the world is Father Christmas right now? Follow him here

Christmas is now famously associated with Santa Claus who arrives every year to deliver presents to people all over the world. Boys and girls in the UK will already have had their presents delivered (if they’ve been good all year) but Father Christmas is still in his sleigh heading to countries who are ahead of the […]

Withings Steel HR Sport review: A slick watch and tracker, but not for serious fitness junkies

REVIEW: Wearables company Withings returned from the grave last month with its first new product since Nokia ditched the brand it had acquired in a $ 192 million deal back in 2016. It’s been a whirlwind year for Withings, with cofounder Éric Carreel entering the fray to buy his company back from Nokia in May. Fast-forward to September, when […]

Why Use Productivity Tracker Apps? 11 Ways They Can Change Your Life

The life of a modern man is very busy; it is subject to the tough schedule with many things to do, meetings and events to attend. At one time, about 50 years ago, a simple paper diary became literally a revolution in the work organization and affairs planning. Nowadays, in the modern world of information […]

A milestone is reached with the first zero-cost tracker funds

SINCE 1975, when the first retail investment fund that aimed simply to mimic a stockmarket index was launched by Vanguard, such “passive” funds have squeezed margins and profits right across the asset-management industry. On August 1st that trend reached its logical endpoint with the launch of two zero-cost tracker funds by Fidelity, a Boston-based firm […]

2018 NHL free agency tracker

Get up to date on the latest key signings from the NHL's 2018 off-season by following the tracker below. The market for unrestricted free agents officially opens on July 1, but the negotiating window is now open for players to talk to interested teams. Clubs are also allowed to re-sign their own players before the market opens. Some of the top […]

Fortnite Stats Tracker: Epic Games provide news on when stats will be back on PS4 and Xbox

Epic Games confirmed at the end of March that they had been forced to diable the Fortnite Stats Tracker  and Leaderboards features. This was due to several concurrent issues affecting the back-end health of the game, which were affecting Fortnite core services. These problems were fixed, although Epic Games were forced to keep the Stats […]

Fitbit just introduced a $100 fitness tracker for kids — here’s how it works (FIT)

Fitbit Fitbit just launched a new $ 100 fitness tracker with the goal of getting kids to be more active.  Called the Fitbit Ace, the new band is designed specifically for children. It comes in two colors — purple and blue — and costs $ 100.  Fitbit says it designed the band to help fight […]

Junkyard Gem: 1995 Geo Tracker

The Geo brand was GM’s way of selling rebadged budget machinery produced via arrangements with Toyota, Suzuki, and Isuzu. There was the Prizm (Toyota Corolla), the Metro (Suzuki Cultus), the Spectrum (Isuzu I-Mark), the Storm (Isuzu Impulse), and the Tracker (Suzuki Sidekick). Here’s a rare example of the last type, in its final parking spot […]