A retired tech tycoon has pledged $33 million to raise an army of civilian marksmen and ‘black bear warriors’ to defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion

Retired tech tycoon Robert Tsao also announced that he had regained his Taiwanese identity after giving up his Singaporean citizenship. SAM YEH/AFP via Getty Images A retired Taiwanese tech mogul is pledging his millions to fund training for civilian troops. He says he'd pay a private military training outfit to train 3 million civilians for […]

Sorry, Britain: Vacuum Tycoon Decides to Build Dyson EVs in Singapore

British vacuum magnate James Dyson has decided to construct his company’s planned electric vehicles in Singapore, rather than his home country. The choice prompted a mild uproar in the UK, as Dyson was a major proponent of Brexit. However, he’s also still a businessman. China currently buys more EVs than any other nation on the planet, […]

Abramovich’s ex-wife and kids living in Manhattan mansion owned by Russian tycoon Deripaska – report

Washington has seized Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska’s US-based assets including a five-storey Manhattan mansion — but in a surprising twist, reportedly found the ex-wife and children of Roman Abramovich living at the property. In April, Deripaska found himself on the US sanctions list after Washington officials claimed that he was heavily involved in crime and […]

Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon is a cooking sim that experiments with complex flavors

Culinary games like Ghost Town Games’ hectic co-op title Overcooked and Vertigo Gaming’s Cook, Serve, Delicious! series focus heavily on the timed element of the kitchen. Players must slice, sear, and serve up accurate dishes before orders expire. Innervoid Interactive’s Chef: A Restaurant Tycoon adds another flavor to the mix, en…Read More

Moscow court arrests billionaire tycoon Magomedov on suspicion of embezzling $44mn

Russian billionaire businessman Ziyavudin Magomedov, a co-owner of the Summa investment group, was arrested on Saturday on charges of misappropriating millions in state funds designed for infrastructure and energy projects. Magomedov was arrested in Moscow together with his brother and Summa co-owner, Magomed Magomedov, and the head of one of the companies involved in Summa, […]

Picturesque Tycoon Game Train Valley 2 Balances Challenge And Accessibility

Flazm’s Train Valley 2 has you building a railway network in order to transport materials through picturesque landscapes. It looks like a quaint, casual game that might just evoke some childhood memories if trains are your thing. However, this little puzzle tycoon game can be quite challenging – if you want it to be. You […]

Build All The Things: Rise Of Industry Is An Extremely Ambitious Business Tycoon Game

Tycoon game Rise of Industry has been a sleeper hit on itch.io and has recently become available as Early Access title on Steam and GOG. This industrial simulation throws you into a giant sandbox and has you figuring out supply chains for several industrial sectors. You’ll control every aspect from gathering, refining, production, and logistics […]

Jean Paul Getty: Cold-hearted tycoon who refused to buy his grandson’s freedom

GETTY Jean Paul Getty was the richest man in the world, worth an estimated $ 8.6bn The severed ear arrived with the morning post. Gnarled and torn it was wrapped in a bloody envelope.  It had been five long months since John Paul Getty III had been kidnapped and his grandfather Jean Paul Getty – […]

Oil tycoon Harold Hamm slams the EIA’s overoptimistic forecasts for US shale

Reuters/Steve Sisney Oil tycoon Harold Hamm says the US Energy Information Administration’s overoptimistic shale forecasts depress prices and put the US market at a disadvantage. Hamm says the EIA needs to hear “meaningful feedback.”   As a powerful oil market mover, the EIA needs to have “more sophisticated” forecasts about U.S. shale production, because overly […]

The Last Tycoon Cancelled at Amazon

It’s the end of the road for The Last Tycoon: Amazon has cancelled the Matt Bomer drama after just one season, THR.com reports. RELATEDCable/Streaming Scorecard: What’s Renewed? What’s Cancelled? The Last Tycoon was released on July 28 to mixed reviews. Based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, the hour-long drama took viewers back to the glory days […]