SNL’s ‘Days of Our Impeachment’ Has Jon Hamm, Soapy Twists — WATCH

RELATED STORIES Because the impeachment inquiry against President Trump thus far is “lacking in pizzazz” (as one NBC News wonk put it), “dull,” and “is not The Masked Singer,” Saturday Night Live aimed to up the drama in soapy style this weekend. In “Days of Our Impeachment” — which is arguably the best thing to […]

How Legion Landed Jon Hamm to Be Season 2's 'Rod Serling'-Style Narrator

Did you notice a familiar voice amid the Technicolor chaos of Legion‘s Season 2 premiere? Unlike David Haller, you’re not hearing things: That really was the former Don Draper himself, Emmy winner Jon Hamm, serving as narrator for the premiere’s surreal animated interludes. “There’s a narrator throughout the whole season in places, for those sort […]

‘The New Mutants’ Almost Featured Jon Hamm as Mr. Sinister

So, what’s going on behind the scenes of The New Mutants? Director Josh Boone‘s horror-tinged X-Men movie has undergone numerous delays and rumors have swirled that up to 50% of the film needs to be reshot. Whether this was damage control or 20th Century Fox attempting to simply make a good film into a great […]

Charmed Memories: Norman Reedus, Jon Hamm and 40 More Famous Guests

Charmed fans, who’s in the mood to orb down memory lane? Let’s be honest: With all this talk of the Charmed reboot — which many fans, and even one of the original show’s stars, are actively trying to vanquish — it’s hard not to get nostalgic about the show that started it all. And when […]

‘Aardvark’ Trailer: Mysterious Jon Hamm Woos Therapist Jenny Slate

In Aardvark, Jenny Slate plays a therapist who begins a relationship with Jon Hamm, the brother of one of her patients (Zachary Quinto). But while Quinto’s character is the one in therapy, Hamm might be the person with issues. In the Aardvark trailer, the lesson to be learned is: never date Jon Hamm, no matter how handsome […]

‘Beirut’ Trailer: Jon Hamm Tries to Save A Life

Jon Hamm and Rosamund Pike, two talented actors who deserve a lot more work, star in Beirut, a new drama from Session 9 director Brad Anderson. The first Beirut trailer offers a pulse-pounding look at the film. Jon Hamm delivered a consistently fantastic performance for years on Mad Men, and Rosamund Pike performed jaw-dropping work in Gone Girl, yet neither of […]

Superhero Bits: Jon Hamm Up for Batman, ‘Justice League’ Extended Cut & More

Will Avengers: Infinity War have any impact on Agents of SHIELD? Will Nightwing be shooting on location in Detroit? Is Jon Hamm in the running to replace Ben Affleck as Batman at some point? Will there be an extended cut of Justice League released on home video? What kind of announcement is coming this weekend […]

TVLine Items: Good Omens First Look at Jon Hamm, The Oath Trailer and More

Jon Hamm is looking positively angelic in Amazon’s forthcoming adaptation of the Neil Gaiman/Terry Pratchett fantasy novel Good Omens. As previously reported, the Mad Men alum will assume the role of archangel Gabriel. The photo below, released on Thursday, features our first glimpse of Hamm as God’s impeccably dressed messenger. Good Omens is set to premiere in 2019. […]

Oil tycoon Harold Hamm slams the EIA’s overoptimistic forecasts for US shale

Reuters/Steve Sisney Oil tycoon Harold Hamm says the US Energy Information Administration’s overoptimistic shale forecasts depress prices and put the US market at a disadvantage. Hamm says the EIA needs to hear “meaningful feedback.”   As a powerful oil market mover, the EIA needs to have “more sophisticated” forecasts about U.S. shale production, because overly […]

Jon Hamm is the latest A-lister to join Amazon’s ‘Good Omens’

Amazon’s quest to hire top-tier actors for its original shows is still in full swing. The internet giant has revealed that Mad Men star Jon Hamm is joining the main cast of Good Omens, the episodic adaptation of the novel penned by Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett. Appropriately for the former Don Draper, […]