Costco says it won’t raise prices for now on its membership fees — or its famous $1.50 hot dog and soda combo

Mary Meisenzahl/Insider Costco said it has no plans to raise the price of its membership or its $ 1.50 hot dog combo at this time. Costco exec Bob Nelson warned that membership fee hikes could come in the near future, though. Costco recently raised prices on some goods, but Nelson said the company wants to […]

No soda for you! California bill wants to restrict kids from drinking sugary drinks at restaurants

A California bill wants to curb the amount of sugary drinks consumed by children by having restaurants provide two default choices – water or milk. Some parents are angry, saying the state shouldn’t interfere in the matter. The bill, which is aimed at tackling childhood obesity, would require that children are served milk or water […]

A professor of medicine explains why he hasn’t quit diet soda — but never drinks the regular kind

Shutterstock It’s impossible to directly compare the health effects of diet and regular soda, since we have far more research on the regular kind. The studies we do have suggest regular soda is linked with obesity and weight gain, while diet soda hasn’t been strongly tied to any negative health outcomes. For that reason, Aaron […]

Anker crammed a projector into a soda can-sized smart speaker

While every CES brings a new set of smaller and smarter devices, the age of the mobile projector hasn’t quite arrived. But gadget company Anker’s Nebula Capsule, launched today on Indiegogo, makes a strong argument by bundling a speaker and Bluetooth connectability in to the visual package. Even if you aren’t binging TV or showing […]

Separation Of Church And Soda

The biggest Mormon church–owned university in the world — a place that bans beards and wins the title “stone cold sober” school literally every year — is about to get a bit more lit. Brigham Young University stunned students Thursday when it announced that it would begin selling caffeinated drinks. The Provo, Utah, school is […]

Doctors say they’re running out of baking soda — and the shortage is putting life-saving operations on hold

The shortage of baking soda solution is hitting hospitals nationwide and life-saving operations are being put on hold, the New York Times reports. A hospital in Alabama recently postponed seven open-heart operations and one doctor said that he tried mixing his own solution to combat the deficit. Besides the baking soda medicine shortage, there are […]

Spyware targeted proponents of Mexico’s soda tax

Surveillance-oriented spyware is dodgy in itself, but it’s even worse when it’s abused to intimidate political enemies — just ask Mexican health advocates. The New York Times has learned that someone used commercial spyware from NSO Group to target proponents of Mexico’s soda tax, including researchers and activists, right as they were rallying support for […]

Strong demand for soda in North America boosts Coca-Cola (KO)

Scott Olson/Getty (Reuters) – Coca-Cola Co reported better-than-expected quarterly revenue, helped by higher sales of its sodas in North America, its biggest market. Volume sales rose 1 percent in North America, including a 1 percent growth in sales of its carbonated soda drinks such as Sprite and Fanta. However, global volume sales for the company […]