Spyware sheik-down: UAE government accused of hacking phones of a prince, emir and other rivals

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) asked an Israel-based surveillance company to spy on a prince, a Qatari emir, and other rivals by hacking their phones, according to leaked emails obtained by the New York Times. The emails cited in the Times report, which was published on Friday, were submitted in lawsuits against Israel-based NSO Group. […]

'Chilling attack': Amnesty says employee targeted by 'hostile government' using Israeli-made spyware

Amnesty International has said that an employee was targeted by a sophisticated Israeli-made spyware, stressing that it was “a deliberate attempt” to snoop on the group by a government “hostile” to the organization’s work. The incident took place in June this year when an unnamed Amnesty employee received a cryptic message via WhatsApp messenger. It […]

North Korea-linked hackers targeted defectors with Android spyware

When Android malware slips into the Google Play Store, it’s usually there to push unwanted ads or perpetuate a scam. McAfee researchers, however, have discovered something more sinister. A North Korean group nicknamed Sun Team recently posted three apps in Google Play that were used to target defectors from the authoritarian country. The attackers contacted […]

Prosecutors say Mac spyware stole millions of user images over 13 years

Enlarge (credit: Chris Potter) Early last year, a piece Mac malware came to light that left researchers puzzled. They knew that malware dubbed Fruitfly captured screenshots and webcam images and had been installed on hundreds of computers in the US and elsewhere, possibly for more than a decade. Still, the researchers didn’t know who did […]

Spyware targeted proponents of Mexico’s soda tax

Surveillance-oriented spyware is dodgy in itself, but it’s even worse when it’s abused to intimidate political enemies — just ask Mexican health advocates. The New York Times has learned that someone used commercial spyware from NSO Group to target proponents of Mexico’s soda tax, including researchers and activists, right as they were rallying support for […]