Citizen of the world: Ex-Marine detained in Russia on espionage charges holds multiple passports

The plot thickens in the case of a former US Marine who was detained on spying charges in Russia before the New Year. It has emerged that Paul Whelan also holds UK and Irish passports, and maybe a Canadian one. The American was arrested in a posh hotel overlooking the Kremlin in Moscow by Federal […]

Marine vet detained in Russia on espionage charges has UK passport – Moscow

Paul Whelan, a former Marine who was detained on December 31 in Moscow on suspicion of collecting intelligence, holds a UK passport in addition to his US travel document, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova confirmed on Friday. British diplomats have already applied for consular access to Whelan, she added. Earlier, the man was also […]

‘Perpetual confrontation’: MI6 chief lures young Brits into espionage with Russia-bashing

The head of MI6, the UK’s intelligence service, hopes to recruit a new generation of tech-savvy spies, with a passionate speech urging graduates to protect the homeland against the arch nemesis who subverts the UK way of life. “The era of the fourth industrial revolution calls for a fourth generation of espionage,” Alex Younger will say […]

FBI Director says China is ‘the broadest, most significant’ threat to the US and its espionage is active in all 50 states

FBI Director Christopher Wray has described China as “the broadest, most challenging, most significant threat we face as a country.” Wray’s comments come after a week of controversy surrounding President Donald Trump’s response to Russia’s interference in the 2016 election and ongoing meddling. Wray said there are economic espionage investigations linked to China in every US […]

With possible summit approaching, North Korean espionage hacks continue

Enlarge As North Korea’s government prepares for a possible summit with US President Donald Trump later this month, hackers working on behalf of the isolated country have continued a volley of network intrusions that target media, aerospace, financial, and critical-infrastructure companies in the US, South Korea, and other nations, researchers in private industry and the […]

As two Koreas shake hands, Hidden Cobra hackers wage espionage campaign

Enlarge / North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un (L) and South Korean President Moon Jae-in (R) shake hands over the military demarcation line upon meeting for the Inter-Korean Summit on April 27, 2018 in Panmunjom, South Korea. (credit: Korea Summit Press Pool/Getty Images) As Kim Jong Un became the first North Korean leader to step […]

Counterpart's J.K. Simmons Shares Intel on Espionage Thriller's Finale and 'Mind-Boggling' Season 2 Plans

Actual worlds are at risk of colliding this Sunday at 8/7c, as Starz’s Counterpart delivers a freshman finale that tees up a “mind-blogging” Season 2, says series star J.K. Simmons. RELATEDCable/Streaming Scorecard: What’s Renewed? What’s Cancelled? In his first TV drama since bidding The Closer adieu — and after earning an Oscar, Golden Globe and […]

/Answers: Our Favorite Espionage Movies

Every week in /Answers, we answer a new pop culture-related question. In this edition, we’re celebrating the release of Red Sparrow by asking “What is your favorite movie about espionage and undercover work?” Naturally, more action-oriented spy movies were disqualified. Chris Evanglista: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Before Tomas Alfredson helmed the truly terrible The Snowman, he directed […]