‘Perpetual confrontation’: MI6 chief lures young Brits into espionage with Russia-bashing

The head of MI6, the UK’s intelligence service, hopes to recruit a new generation of tech-savvy spies, with a passionate speech urging graduates to protect the homeland against the arch nemesis who subverts the UK way of life. “The era of the fourth industrial revolution calls for a fourth generation of espionage,” Alex Younger will say […]

Utah mayor killed in Kabul the latest victim of perpetual US presence in Afghanistan

The US serviceman killed in an insider attack in Kabul is identified as Brent Taylor, a mayor from Utah. While shocking to some back at home, this is only the latest such incident in a war that even top brass now call unwinnable. North Ogden city mayor Major Brent Taylor was deployed to Afghanistan with […]

Talk to Palestinians or pay price of ‘perpetual occupation’ – German FM to Israel

Israel could pay the price for “perpetual occupation and conflict” and face the prospect of being stuck in a “fully-fledged annexation” if it abandons reconciliation with the Palestinians, the German foreign minister has warned. Speaking in Tel Aviv at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), Germany’s top diplomat Sigmar Gabriel said Israel should finally […]

‘Our new normal’: Hard-hit Ohio community fears opioid overdoses will be perpetual crisis

Ohio continues to lead North America in fatal overdoses. Last year, 4,149 people in the U.S. state died from unintentional drug overdoses — up 36 per cent over 2015. Those in one of the most severely affected communities say they fear addiction will remain a chronic problem. CBC | Health News