Google Home can now use Nest speakers to detect your presence

Google Home no longer needs to lean solely on smart home devices like thermostats to know whether or not you're around. Home's optional presence sensing feature can now use interactions with Nest speakers and smart displays to help detect activity in your abode, letting it perform automated actions. If you talk to your Nest Audio […]

Utah mayor killed in Kabul the latest victim of perpetual US presence in Afghanistan

The US serviceman killed in an insider attack in Kabul is identified as Brent Taylor, a mayor from Utah. While shocking to some back at home, this is only the latest such incident in a war that even top brass now call unwinnable. North Ogden city mayor Major Brent Taylor was deployed to Afghanistan with […]

Manifest Recap: Burdens of Truth — Plus, a Dark Presence Looms….

NBC’s Manifest in Week 2 found the Flight 828 passengers continuing to pick up the pieces after their inexplicable absence — while also giving form to some… thing… that seems to be haunting them. In the wake of the explosion of the actual aircraft that had dropped them off five-and-a-half years into the future, the […]

Airbus says no-deal Brexit would force it to reconsider UK presence

Thomson Reuters PARIS (Reuters) – Airbus issued its strongest warning yet over the impact of Britain’s departure from the European Union, saying a separation without a final deal between Britain and the EU would force it to reconsider its long-term position in the country. In a statement issued late on Thursday, Airbus also said current […]

Brain interface adds sense of presence to bionic limbs

It’s been possible for a while to control bionic limbs with your brain, but there’s been something missing: kinesthetic feedback, or the nervous system signals that give your limbs a sense of presence. You frequently have to stare at your artificial arm to ensure that you’re grabbing a cup instead of operating on instinct. That […]

Okinawa governor demands US military presence pact amendments for the sake of 'shocked' locals

Published time: 4 Dec, 2017 03:31 The governor of Okinawa is urging Tokyo to amend the pact on the status of the US troops in Japan to combat the “significant anxiety” the locals are enduring because of the rowdy Americans’ presence. The governor of the southern prefecture, Takeshi Onaga, demanded that the central government makes […]

CIA chief & Netanyahu threaten Iran over presence in Iraq & Syria

Israel and the US won’t tolerate Iran’s presence in Syria and Iraq as it goes against their interests, Israel’s PM and the CIA’s director said in separate statements. The warnings follow an Israeli strike against a “military facility” near Damascus. In a video message released hours after missiles struck targets near Damascus, Prime Minister Benjamin […]