No soda for you! California bill wants to restrict kids from drinking sugary drinks at restaurants

A California bill wants to curb the amount of sugary drinks consumed by children by having restaurants provide two default choices – water or milk. Some parents are angry, saying the state shouldn’t interfere in the matter. The bill, which is aimed at tackling childhood obesity, would require that children are served milk or water […]

Diabetes diet: THIS is what sufferers need to know about eating sugary foods

Diabetes sufferers will probably be wondering whether they can safely consume sugary foods in the upcoming months, particularly with Halloween and Christmas on the horizon – and the answer is they can in moderation. Those with type 1 and type 2 forms of the condition are often told they need to be careful of the […]

When Overwhelming Sugary Treats Can’t Quench Your Crave, Time to Look for Sugar Detox!

We’ve all been there – bad grade at school, tough day at work, or a bad breakup, and we find ourselves bingeing on life-saving ice cream or chocolate. It is not rare that mood swings influence our need for sugar. This happens since our serotonin levels decrease in negative circumstances, and being quick gratification creatures […]