Alex Jones announces break from The One Show: ‘It has been a real privilege’

Welcoming Charlize onto the show, Alex began: “Good to see you, welcome to The One Show by the way because you’ve never been one with us before. “We’ve had a thing about your name today. Am I saying it right? Is it Theron?” “Yes, fantastic,” Charlize answered praising Alex’s pronunciation as she turned to Gethin […]

Do You Have White Privilege? OZY Asks This and More of Nashville's Women

Their voices underlined their passion. On the Nashville stage, two women participating in Take On America with OZY went head to head over whether gun control could help stamp out school shootings nationwide, their voices rising as they debated. The show confronts today’s most pressing issues by exploring the diversity of opinions among groups often […]

‘Fair report privilege’: Judge backs BuzzFeed in Russian’s lawsuit over Steele dossier

A federal judge in Florida ruled for BuzzFeed in a defamation lawsuit brought by a Russian internet entrepreneur accused of hacking the Democratic Party in the salacious Steele dossier that was published by the outlet. Because BuzzFeed did not attest to the truth of the allegations contained in the dossier and published the documents in […]

‘White privilege’ is failing NHS BAME workers, say top chief executives

The NHS has been accused of being wrought with “white privilege” by one of its chief executives. Sarah-Jane Marsh has decided she will no longer sit on any interview panel that fails to ensure appropriate BAME representation. BAME staff account for 18 percent of the 1.2-million-strong NHS workforce. While 27 percent occupy lower-paid roles, only […]

‘Attorney-client privilege a thing of the past’ – Trump blasts FBI in latest Twitter tirade

Published time: 15 Apr, 2018 13:35 US President Donald Trump has taken a break from this weekend’s bombing of Syria to once again decry the federal investigation into one of his many, many lawyers, whose offices were raided earlier this week. Trump made the remarks in reference to the FBI raids on the offices of […]

Check your ‘Christian privilege’: George Washington University hosts controversial workshop

The prestigious George Washington University in the US capital is hosting a seminar on ‘Christian privilege.’ The premise that white Christians benefit from “built-in advantages” in the US has sparked fury on social media. The ‘Excellence in Leadership’ workshop is titled ‘Christian Privilege: But Our Founding Fathers Were All Christian, Right?!’ According to the university […]

Trump administration’s sweeping interpretation of executive privilege stifles Russia investigation

Carlos Barria/Reuters Key figures in President Donald Trump’s White House are claiming that executive privilege keeps them from testifying before the investigations into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The White House claims that pretty much everything is off limits until the president says it’s not. But members of Congress on both sides of […]

MAX BOOT: 2017 was the year I learned about my white privilege

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst In this opinion column, a straight, white man writes that 2017 was the year he learned he was privileged. Before President Donald Trump’s election, national security expert Max Boot writes he was a “smart-aleck” who dismissed the concept of “white male privilege.” Now, he understands that underlying racism and sexism continue to disfigure […]

Majority of Trump supporters don't believe in white privilege – survey

The poll found 74 percent of Trump’s biggest supporters didn’t believe in white privilege, according to a Pew Research Center survey. When broken down along party lines, 89 percent of Republicans approved of Trump’s job performance and didn’t believe in white privilege. Among Democrats who said whites benefited from white privilege, nearly all 97 percent […]

Jeremy Kyle CLASHES with guest who blames shock attack on white privilege ‘Get him off!

Professor Craig Jackson appeared on the Good Morning Britain to comment the horrific video which shows a jogger appearing to shove a pedestrian into the path of an incoming bus.  What’s more, the London runner keeps on jogging with no remorse and is said to have returned to the scene 15 minutes later, but kept […]