Casinos, Native American tribes, and Major League Baseball are betting the most money ever on 2 competing California ballot initiatives. Neither Democrats or Republicans seem to care.

California voters will face two sports betting propositions on the ballot this fall. Kathryn Scott Osler/The Denver Post via Getty Image California voters will face two propositions on the ballot relating to sports betting this fall. Proposition 26 is aimed at in-person betting on tribal lands, while Proposition 27 is focused on online gaming. The […]

The Masked Singer’s Season 4 Winner, Runner-Up Had Recorded Together Before — Yet Neither Knew

Warning: This post contains spoilers for The Masked Singer’s Season 4 finale.  Don’t feel bad if you didn’t realize that two of The Masked Singer‘s Top 3 singers were LeAnn Rimes and Aloe Blacc: Despite having duetted in the past, neither of them realized the other was there, either. Blacc “guested on my Christmas album, one […]

Neither bird nor plane: Captain Marvel blasts into space in new trailer

Enlarge / Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) in all her iconic glory. (credit: Marvel Studios) Captain Marvel took off into space Monday night, delivering knock-down punches and lots of adrenaline-fueled action in the character’s first starring film this coming March. We learn a bit more about her backstory, and get more hints about the mysterious character […]

‘Maine’ Review: A Wilderness Journey About Neither the Destination Nor the Journey [Tribeca]

If you see Maine features a woman hiking a trail alone and assume you’re in for a retread of Wild, think again. In upstart director Matthew Brown’s sophomore feature, we see people fleeing the burdens of their life in the great outdoors in search of escape and fulfillment – but ultimately finding neither. The answers […]

Why sub-zero interest rates are neither unfair nor unnatural

DENMARK’S Maritime Museum in Elsinore includes one particularly unappetising exhibit: the world’s oldest ship’s biscuit, from a voyage in 1852. Known as hardtack, such biscuits were prized for their long shelf lives, making them a vital source of sustenance for sailors far from shore. They were also appreciated by a great economist, Irving Fisher, as […]

Neither Microsoft nor Google looks good in this Chrome-installer squabble

Enlarge (credit: Getty / Aurich Lawson) Google built a little application that downloaded and installed Chrome, and the company submitted that application to the Microsoft Store. Because the Microsoft Store actually imposes minimal verification or validation of submitted applications, Microsoft’s automated processes duly published the app. It was available for a few hours. Then Microsoft […]

‘Neither formal nor painless’: Moscow slams State Dept. for downplaying Russian media witch hunt

The Russian Embassy in the US has lashed out against the State Department’s remarks which understates the significance and potential consequences of Washington’s demands for Russian media to register as “foreign agents.” In September, the US Department of Justice ordered RT America and Sputnik to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), or face […]

Neither Money Nor Trump Worked

Big Luther was a big loss for President Donald Trump and the Republican establishment. Now they must prepare themselves for the outcome they spent so much time, so much money, and so many tweets trying to avoid: right-wing firebrand Roy Moore in the US Senate — and hope for other insurgent candidates looking to unseat […]

Trump’s personal lawyer: ‘Neither I nor the president were involved … with this Russian conspiracy’

Richard Drew/AP President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, reiterated that he was not involved in Russia’s elaborate and multi-faceted effort to interfere in the 2016 election and tilt it in Trump’s favor in an interview with Vanity Fair. Cohen added that Trump was not involved in the effort either. “I can tell you for certainty that […]

‘Neither conscience nor reason’: Russian MP blasts Polish bill targeting Red Army monuments

Published time: 22 Jun, 2017 13:41 The deputy speaker of the State Duma called a recent Polish bill ordering the destruction of Red Army monuments in Poland “a crime against their own nation,” and a treacherous move aimed against those who liberated Europe from the Nazis. Read more “It looks like Polish Sejm deputies have […]