Palin, Rice mull challenging Alaska & Maine senators whose Kavanaugh votes sparked outrage

America may see an interesting female showdown as a spin-off of the Brett Kavanaugh saga. Susan Rice and Sarah Palin hinted they may run against Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski, who voted in a way they deem unacceptable. The soap opera begins with Susan Collins (R-ME), who was initially sitting on the fence when […]

This Cessna-Flying Granny Wants to Create an Independent Maine

When Terry Hayes meanders to the podium at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., the candidate for governor of Maine is surrounded by a curious assortment of men: a sitting governor from Alaska, a tech tycoon from Maryland, a businessman from Missouri and a best-selling author and Senate hopeful from Kansas. The odd assemblage […]

‘Maine’ Review: A Wilderness Journey About Neither the Destination Nor the Journey [Tribeca]

If you see Maine features a woman hiking a trail alone and assume you’re in for a retread of Wild, think again. In upstart director Matthew Brown’s sophomore feature, we see people fleeing the burdens of their life in the great outdoors in search of escape and fulfillment – but ultimately finding neither. The answers […]

From Maine to Hawaii, students are planning 3,000 school walkouts to protest gun violence on Wednesday

Craig F. Walker/AP Students across the US plan to stage a walkout to protest gun violence on Wednesday. They will leave class for 17 minutes in honor of the 17 people killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14. But some school districts say they will punish students for participating or making explicit […]

US investors scramble to keep Russians from taking over refineries from Texas to Maine

Group of investors from the US are seeking White House approval to obtain the 49.9 percent collateral in the Venezuela-owned American refiner Citgo currently held by Russia’s oil major Rosneft, Reuters reports. Read more The measure is reportedly aimed at preventing the Russian state-run company from seizing nearly half of the Texas-based refiner in case […]

When Maine Nearly Became Britain’s ‘New Ireland’

The doctor goes on at length about the navigable rivers, good fishing, fertile soil, plentiful game and sturdy timber of eastern Maine, predicting a flood of settlers before long. “[T]he Royal Navy, the West India Islands, and other parts of His Majesty’s Dominions, [would be] well and plentifully served for centuries to come, from this […]

Collins received a round of applause at an airport in Maine after voting against Obamacare repeal

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite When Republican Sen. Susan Collins landed in Bangor, Maine on Friday, a crowd at the airport greeted her with applause. She was arriving home after a dramatic week in the US Senate, during which she defied her party leadership and voted “no” on all three Republican efforts to repeal and replace […]

Maine banned gifts for physicians in hopes of slowing down its opioid crisis

Shutterstock Maine’s legislature passed a bill banning certain courtesy gifts for physicians Monday, sending it to Gov. Paul LePage’s desk in the state’s latest attempt to combat its opioid crisis. Advocates of the bill hope that it will help prevent over-prescription of opioids in the state by removing potential conflicts of interest for licensed physicians […]

Second ‘It’ Trailer: Terror Lies in the Sewers of Derry, Maine

For anyone who has coulrophobia, a fear of clowns, you’ll probably want to steer clear for the latest trailer for the new adaptation of Stephen King‘s beloved horror novel It. Much like the first trailer, It doesn’t go out of its way to try to terrify you with cheap jump scares. Instead, they let suspense […]

Maine State Prison under fire for forcing female visitors to remove bras

The Maine State Prison’s screening practices are being reexamined after several women claimed that facility guards demanded they remove their bras for setting off a metal detector. That practice is not approved by the state’s Department of Corrections. Before seeing their loved ones behind bars, women first had to prove to Maine State Prison guards […]