Not ‘inclusive’ enough? US student told to remove ‘F*** Nazis’ sign as it provokes ‘mixed feelings’

The University of Massachusetts, Amherst, has landed itself in hot water after staff asked a student to remove a sign, condemning Nazis, from her dorm window over “issues of inclusion.” Junior student, Nicole Parsons, placed a sign reading “F*** Nazis. You are not welcome here” in her dorm window earlier in December. A week later, […]

YouTube will remove all pop-up annotations on January 15th

Back in March 2017, YouTube announced that it would be retiring annotations, those boxes that pop up during a video with links and additional information. It discontinued the annotations editor in May of last year and soon all existing annotations will be going away as well. The company added an update to the help page […]

SEC sues Elon Musk for fraud, seeks to remove him from Tesla

(Reuters) — The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday accused Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk of fraud and sought to remove him from his role in charge of the electric car company, saying he made a series of “false and misleading” tweets about potentially taking Tesla private last month. Musk, 47, is the public […]

Facebook & Instagram remove deputy Duma speaker’s posts about murder of Donetsk leader Zakharchenko

Deputy speaker of the Russian State Duma, Pyotr Tolstoy, says that both Instagram and Facebook have deleted his posts on the recent killing of the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic, Aleksandr Zakharchenko. “Instagram has deleted my post about Aleksandr Zakharchenko’s death together with his photo. This is “freedom of speech” according to [Facebook founder […]

US flights: Passengers now asked to remove snacks from hand luggage at US airport security

Hand luggage is being closely examined at major US airports, with officials asking travellers to remove snacks and powders from their bags for extra security checks.  The Transport Security Administration (TSA) in America is tightening security in a bid to counter terrorism – although the food policy is not an official one. However, officers at many […]

Rwanda refuses to remove tariffs on imports of used clothing

Glad rags to sad rags IN A market in Kigali, Rwanda’s capital, a cacophonous auction is under way. Sellers hold crumpled T-shirts and faded jeans aloft; traders shout and jostle for the best picks. Everything is second-hand. A Tommy Hilfiger shirt goes for 5,000 Rwandan francs ($ 5.82); a plain one for a tenth of […]

Hotels to remove free toiletries in the room – and replace them with this instead

Hotel toiletries are one of the few things in the room that are free to take. Over half of guests have previously admitted that they have taken something from the hotel. Bottles of shampoo and body wash can’t be re-used so hotels often are okay with guests taken them home with them as a memento. […]