Pokemon Go Shiny Growlithe appears, joins Wingull and Moltres Day September rewards

September has only just begun, and fans look set to grab at least four new Shiny Pokemon during the month. Shiny Wingulls are available all across the globe, thanks to the recent Safari Zone event in Japan. And now it looks like Niantic has added a shiny Growlithe to Pokemon Go for this week. It’s […]

Pokemon Go news: Next Niantic event REVEALED, Community Day update, Moltres return

Fans can get ready for a new Pokemon Go event being launched in April, away from the usual Community Day. Trainers on Android and iOS look set to get reveal later this month, although what it is exactly is hard to say. A big new update has been provided in the latest issue of the […]

Pokemon Go news: Niantic introduce game-changing update and it’s not Moltres

Pokemon Go has seen some serious upheaval over the past few months, whats with the big Gym revamp, Raids launch and Legendary reveals. And it appears that some of these new features are still very much a work in progress. The latest Pokemon Go update rolled out earlier this week and provided the game with […]

Pokemon Go update news: Moltres launch leaves best Pokemon behind

Using the best Pokemon to win over Gyms or smash a Legendary-type is something that Trainers are always on the lookout for. Both Blissey and Snorlax are well established in-game, due to their great use when it comes to Gym battles. But this latest Pokemon Go news appears to confirm that they’re not quite right […]

Pokemon Go Legendary Raids UPDATE: Niantic confirm Moltres and Zapdos release dates

Currently, fans can group up together to take down the likes of Lugia and Articuno, both of which launched during the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago. Since then, Niantic have looked to explain what went during the event, as well as when the next Pokemon Go Legendary Raids are set to launch. A message from […]