American Gods’ Ricky Whittle and Yetide Badaki Tease the Orisha’s Role in the Game-Changing Season Finale

RELATED STORIES Sunday’s American Gods finale will find Shadow Moon holding an extremely physically taxing vigil for his dead father Mr. Wednesday, who also happens to be the Norse deity Odin. There’s no assurance that Shadow, whose mother was a Black woman with no celestial powers to speak of, will even make it through the […]

Power Boss Talks Winter Premiere’s Two (?!) Game-Changing Deaths

Warning: This post contains big, BIG spoilers about Power‘s winter premiere.  The title of Power‘s midseason premiere is “Still Dre,” and that is factually accurate… until the last few minutes of the episode. Yep, one of the Starz drama’s slipperiest, most ruthless characters meets his end in Episode 11, which shows us the events leading […]

The Blacklist Boss Warns That Red Is 'Quite Literally Out of Time' After His Game-Changing Courtroom Decision

The following post contains major spoilers for Friday’s episode of The Blacklist. (Need to catch up? Read our previous Blacklist recap here.) It seems Raymond Reddington should have watched The Shawshank Redemption once more before attempting his own jailbreak. Though “failure” is not a word often used to describe Red’s schemes, his attempt at escaping from […]

The Blacklist Boss Teases Upcoming Fallout From Liz's Game-Changing Decision: 'It's a Betrayal Like No Other'

The following post contains spoilers for Part 2 of The Blacklist‘s season premiere. (Read our Part 1 recap here.) Raymond Reddington will not pass “Go” or collect $ 200: He’s going directly to jail. In the second half of The Blacklist‘s two-part Season 6 premiere, James Spader’s crafty character landed behind bars after expertly evading […]

Khalil Mack signs game-changing $141 million contract hours after being traded to the Chicago Bears

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images Khalil Mack is now the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history. Mack was traded to the Chicago Bears on Saturday, and agreed to a six-year, $ 141 million extension with the team just hours later. The record-setting deal comes just a day after Aaron Donald set a previous high mark with […]

Fintech is facing a short, game-changing window of opportunity

GUEST: Until this week, many people had never heard of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Then it became part of a dramatic showdown between advocates and critics of regulation, as two individuals with dramatically different worldviews each claimed to be the bureau’s acting director. On Tuesday a judge sided with the Trump Administration, enabling […]

Mazda made a game-changing fuel efficiency breakthrough other carmakers have spent decades working on

REUTERS/Michael Caronna As soon as 2019, Mazda will have a petrol-driven car in production that is cheaper to run than a Tesla Model S. The Japanese carmaker has announced it is ready to reveal a combustion engine using compression technology Ford, General Motors and Hyundai have been trying to get into production for the best […]

Pokemon Go news: Niantic introduce game-changing update and it’s not Moltres

Pokemon Go has seen some serious upheaval over the past few months, whats with the big Gym revamp, Raids launch and Legendary reveals. And it appears that some of these new features are still very much a work in progress. The latest Pokemon Go update rolled out earlier this week and provided the game with […]

Outlander season 3: Star drops THIS huge GAME-CHANGING spoiler

Executive producer of the Starz series, Ronald D. Moore, revealed that the adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s historical romance novels will see main characters Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) completely change course and leave Scotland forever when they reunite. Moore explained: “It’s a transitional season. You know, the franchise kind […]