Pokemon Go Shiny Growlithe appears, joins Wingull and Moltres Day September rewards

September has only just begun, and fans look set to grab at least four new Shiny Pokemon during the month.

Shiny Wingulls are available all across the globe, thanks to the recent Safari Zone event in Japan.

And now it looks like Niantic has added a shiny Growlithe to Pokemon Go for this week.

It’s unclear why the new variant has been launched today, and if it is part of the recently completed Global Challenges.

There were set as part of the Safari Zone event in Yokosuka and were confirmed to have been finished by players in the allotted time.

Whatever the reason, Shiny Growlithe can now be caught in the wild in Pokemon Go.

Niantic has also confirmed that a Moltres Day is being held in September, which will provide another chance to add a Shiny Pokemon to your collection.

Moltres Day is one of a number of new rewards unlocked by Trainers completing the Global Challenges set by Niantic.

More information can be found on Moltres Day and a new Stardust event being hosted tomorrow, September 3.

“If certain areas of the world can meet the challenge requirements, they’ll unlock bonus Stardust for catching Pokémon and hatching Eggs—including a guaranteed 3,000 Stardust for every raid—starting September 3 at 1:00 P.M. PDT.

“Also, until September 10 at 1:00 P.M. PDT, Trainers can unlock a bonus to earn Star Pieces that will last for one hour!

“If the challenge is completed, Trainers worldwide will receive up to five free Raid Passes for Moltres Day, which features the Legendary Pokémon Moltres!

“On September 8, Moltres will be available in Raid Battles around the world for a three-hour period and will know the Flying-type move Sky Attack. If you’re lucky, you may be able to encounter a Shiny Moltres.”

From what has been confirmed by Niantic, it doesn’t look like fans will have to wait long to get another chance at catching a Shiny Pokemon in September.

The final confirmed event that will include a new variant Pocket Monster will come on Saturday, September 22.

The monthly Community Day celebration will host its own special rewards, including the unique opportunity of catching a shiny Chikorita with an exclusive move.

What the move will be has not been revealed by Niantic yet, although we do know that there will be 3X catch XP bonuses available during the three-hour event.

Another event is also being hosted during the month of September, although it won’t include a Shiny Pokemon.

Pokemon Go fans will have the chance of unlocking fresh Field Research rewards this month.

Trainers now have the chance of completing the new tasks to earn the chance at catching the Legendary Entei.

So any Trainers who manage to collect seven Field Research stamps during next month will be rewarded with a Legendary breakthrough.

According to the latest information found by fans, August’s research stamps carry over into the new month, which means you’ll encounter Entei sooner if you have existing stamps.

However, some Trainers have flagged that they have received last month’s breakthrough reward by doing this.

So there’s plenty of new events and shiny Pokemon to catch over the coming weeks.

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