Beyond Meat suspends its chief operating officer effective immediately after he was arrested and charged with 3rd-degree battery for allegedly biting a man’s nose

Getty Images Beyond Meat has suspended its COO after he was arrested and charged with 3rd-degree battery and terroristic threatening.  Authorities said Doug Ramsey ripped "the flesh" off a man's nose after the two got into a small car accident.  According to local news reports, Ramsey turned violent and threatened to kill the other driver. […]

Stephen Lang gives into madness in Old Man’s first trailer

Between Don’t Breathe and the upcoming Avatar sequel, Stephen Lang is really cornering the market on intimidating older men. Appropriately enough, Lang is playing the title character in Old Man. Judging by the fact that he has chosen to live alone in the woods, we can reasonably assume that this old man doesn’t want to […]

Book Excerpt: A Young Man’s Quest to Be More Than a ‘Lawn Boy’

In his latest novel Lawn Boy (out this week in paperback from Algonquin), author Jonathan Evison (The Revised Fundamentals of Caregiving) tells the story of Mike Muñoz, a 22-year-old Chicano who is dead-set on making the world at large aware that he exists — that he’s more than a simple “lawn boy.” “I wanted to wake […]

Plane passengers amazed when they spot this man’s 'genius' travel hack

Flights welcome all sorts of people on board a plane and passengers often spot their fellow fliers doing intriguing things. Travellers on one plane couldn’t believe it when they spotted a man employing a clever travel hack. A hilarious photo of the incident was shared by Instagram account passengershaming. It shows a man apparently using […]

Porsche debuts new $800,000 racer inspired by the iconic 935 Le Mans car

Porsche For the second time in a few weeks, the Monterey area in California is playing host to an amazing automotive gathering. In August it was Car Week, probably the biggest gathering of rare classics and concepts on the planet. This week, it’s the turn of just one marque, because it’s Porsche’s Rennsport Reunion. The […]

Flesh-eating bacteria claims 71yo man’s arm after he ate contaminated sushi (PHOTOS)

Doctors were forced to amputate a 71-year-old man’s left arm after he presented at a South Korean hospital with a two-day fever and agonizing pain in his left hand, both of which developed shortly after he ate raw seafood. Medics at the Chonbuk National University Medical School in Jeonju, South Korea were alarmed by a […]

‘Tour de France’ copper nabs suspected vandal using man’s own bicycle (VIDEO)

Top brass at the West Midlands Police have praised one of their own after the cop managed to catch a runaway vandal using the fleeing suspect’s own discarded bicycle. An officer from the East Birmingham response team, which works in tandem with West Midlands Police in the UK, managed to hunt down a man suspected […]

Man’s Facebook rant about ex pops up on her feed, court rules it violated restraining order

Unintended communication through social media may amount to a violation of a restraining order and does not get First Amendment protection, Maine’s Supreme Court has ruled, in an appeal case. Richard Heffron III, 39, of Bath, Maine, was convicted last year for violating a protection order arising from abuse. He did so by posting messages […]

Man’s creepy “upskirting” plan foiled when his shoe camera explodes

Enlarge (credit: Petar Milošević) A Wisconsin man’s plan to use a shoe camera to take photographs up women’s skirts was foiled this week when the battery exploded, injuring the man and causing him to rethink his pervy plan. “When the explosion happened, he got treatment for minor burns, then disclosed what happened to his mentor, […]