Porsche debuts new $800,000 racer inspired by the iconic 935 Le Mans car

Porsche For the second time in a few weeks, the Monterey area in California is playing host to an amazing automotive gathering. In August it was Car Week, probably the biggest gathering of rare classics and concepts on the planet. This week, it’s the turn of just one marque, because it’s Porsche’s Rennsport Reunion. The […]

The FTC is investigating iBackPack, an $800,000 crowdfunding scam

Kickstarter and Indiegogo may have started with great intentions, but crowdfunding campaigns now seem at least as likely to fall short of their promises as to fully deliver on them. As The Verge reports today, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has taken a particular interest in the Los Angeles startup behind iBackPack, which raised nearly $ 800,000…Read […]

Hulu’s live TV service surpasses 800,000 subscribers

During an interview with CNBC today, Hulu CEO Randy Freer said that the company’s live TV service had surpassed 800,000 subscribers, with April being the best month yet for gaining new customers. The live service launched just over a year ago and in January, sources familiar with the company’s numbers told CNBC that the live […]

eBay: One pound coin with RARE design selling for £80,0000 – could YOU have one?

Rare coins are a popular thing to sell on eBay, and now one seller is hoping to make a fortune with their latest listing. An old one pound coin with a Neanderthal Gibraltar Skull is being sold by ‘slk.print’. They have listed the coin for £80,000, and it is hot property, with 862 people watching […]

800,000 low-income UK homes to benefit from free solar panels

One of the biggest ever green energy schemes in the UK is set to provide clean energy for as many as 800,000 low-income homes over the next five years, renewable energy provider Solarplicity has revealed. As part of a £160 million investment from Netherlands-based Maas Capital (part of the ABN AMRO Bank), the company will […]

West Mosul trap: Iraqi forces retake 2 districts, up to 800,000 civilians caught in battle zone

Iraqi police commandos have captured two neighborhoods in west Mosul on Sunday amid fierce clashes with Islamic State militants. The advance is ongoing amid UN concerns that the assault could force up to 400,000 civilians to flee, if they manage it. RUPTLY’s new footage from Mosul shows displaced residents from the western Maamoun district arriving […]