The Chase: Mark Labbett calls out Bradley Walsh after star derails show: ‘That’s my line!’

Mark, 55, was on hand to try and stop The Chase contestants walking away with a grand cash prize in their back pocket this evening. As always, Bradley Walsh, 60, was trying to help the players along the way, asking them a series of questions to build up their jackpot. However, when primary school teacher […]

The Chase’s Mark Labbett issues savage swipe at Chaser Shaun Wallace: ‘Can’t stay awake!’

Frances earned an impressive £7,000 in her cash-builder and made it three out of three for the Final Chase. Sadly for final player Richard, he was caught by Mark, leaving the trio to face off one final time. And after achieving 19 steps in the Final Chase, the odds looked in their favour. However, Mark […]

The Chase’s Mark Labbett ‘stumbles’ after contestant’s ‘performance of the century’

The Chase viewers were blown away by Frank and took to Twitter to comment.  One said: “Frank has to be the most impressive contestant I’ve ever seen on #TheChase.” “Oh my god, Frank is not to be f****d with, I tell you! #TheChase,” another said.  “The most well-deserved WIN!! I wish they had more money […]

Mark Labbett opens up on real reason behind 4 stone weight loss: ‘People going to hate me’

Mark, 54, who is best known for his role on The Chase, spoke about his health in a conversation with the Loose Women panel on Tuesday afternoon. The Beast star is currently residing at home with his wife and young son as production on the ITV quiz show was ground to a halt in light […]

The Chase: ‘You are that bad’ Mark Labbett in furious clash with contestant

Bradley Walsh was back presenting The Chase this evening and was joined by four new contestants who all hoped to beat today’s chaser, Mark Labbett.  Simon, 30, Tracy, 49, Marilyn, 67, and Tom, 23, all took their turn in facing The Beast to try and take the jackpot prize on the ITV quiz show.  The […]

The Chase viewers in uproar as Bradley Walsh accepts INCORRECT answer from Mark Labbett

Tonight’s episode of The Chase saw one incredible player storm through to the end of the show effortlessly. Norman, 74, from Morecambe blitzed through his first cash-builder round and accumulated £5,000. His head-to-head round was no different, as he walked back to the bench with £40,000 and the chaser, Mark Labbett, two steps behind him, […]

The Chase viewers and Mark Labbett slam contestant – but it's not why you'd think

Russell managed to bag £7,000 in the cash builder round, however, he later chose to play for £2,000 insisting it was the best decision.  His fellow contestants were left stunned by his choice but were thrilled when he managed to beat Mark.  However, the chaser, who is also known as The Beast, warned him: “It’s […]

The Chase: Show halted after player mistakes Mark Labbett for someone else in epic gaffe

When 51-year-old Carol was up to take her turn against the chaser, the player showed her nerves as she made an awkward mistake with The Beast.  “Hello Carol,” he said jovially, as she replied: “Hello Paul”. Turning to face his team member, puzzled host Bradley Walsh said instantly: “That’s Mark. “But I tell you what […]

The Chase: Bradley Walsh GOBSMACKED as contestant's secret past EXPOSED by Mark Labbett

ITV gameshow hopeful Ewan stormed through his head-to-head round with the Chaser, barely missing a beat to bring home the £8,000 he brought to the table in the cash builder. However, when Mark returned later in the show to face his next opponent, Chris, he sent shockwaves through the studio when he brought the subject […]

The Chase: Mark Labbett SNAPS at ‘greedy’ contestant after THIS assumption

The grumpy Chaser was in uncharacteristically good spirits for once, but that didn’t stop him from speaking his mind when he called Donna, 44, a self-proclaimed “adrenaline junkie” a “greedy ‘beep’”.  First up to play the quiz game, the Warwickshire contestant was unimpressed when The Beast offered her £25,000 as a starting offer, saying it […]