The Chase’s Mark Labbett issues savage swipe at Chaser Shaun Wallace: ‘Can’t stay awake!’

Frances earned an impressive £7,000 in her cash-builder and made it three out of three for the Final Chase. Sadly for final player Richard, he was caught by Mark, leaving the trio to face off one final time. And after achieving 19 steps in the Final Chase, the odds looked in their favour. However, Mark […]

China is ‘weaponizing capital’ — and it’s keeping the head of the US Navy awake at night

Thomson Reuters China has pursued numerous commercial and infrastructure deals around the world in recent years. Critics see this as a Chinese effort to extent its influence abroad. These financial maneuvers are a source of concern for many — including the head of the US Navy. China’s move to boost defense spending has sparked dismay […]

Erdogan struggles to stay awake during press conference with Ukraine’s Poroshenko (VIDEO)

Published time: 10 Oct, 2017 10:33 The Turkish president has been caught on camera battling a severe case of drowsiness during a press conference with his Ukrainian counterpart. Recep Erdogan yawned and his head drooped as Petro Poroshenko was speaking. For a few seconds it seemed that Erdogan had actually nodded off, before snapping out of […]

‘Twin Peaks’ Season 3 Part 16 Recap: “You’re Awake”

All conventional sense of time in Twin Peaks has long been lost, but the strange loop that David Lynch has kept us on throughout The Return finally comes closer to biting its tail. Fifteen episodes later, we have our beloved Cooper back, but Mr. C, his evil doppelgänger, continues his nefarious plans. Last episode, Cooper’s […]