Bradley Walsh hits back at Beat the Chasers’ Shaun Wallace after swipe ‘We don’t get on!’

“Carol Reed,” Anne replied but the host corrected: “Sir Carol Reed.” “He was the uncle, was he the uncle?” Shaun asked and Anne said: “Yes, he was the uncle of Oliver Reed.” “Indeed and the son of?” Bradley asked and The Governess replied: “Herbert Beerbohm Tree.” “Who founded?” The host asked but before the Chasers […]

The Chasers launch new spin-off series without Bradley Walsh in quiz show shake-up

The Chasers have become iconic members of The Chase cast, showing off their quizzing prowess to defeat thousands of contestants over the years. For over a decade, Bradley Walsh, 60, has been on hand to help the players and act as host of the ITV quiz show. Unfortunately, as the network plans to launch a […]

Bradley Walsh warns Beat the Chasers player after ‘awkward’ exchange ‘I’ll boot you off!’

“Yikes she’s awkward #BeatTheChasers,” another tweeted.  “This contestant Beth is making Bradley feel old I think. Awkward banter #BeatTheChasers,” a third added. Someone else said: “Beth was pretty cool. Loved her dry humour. Bested Bradley in that dept! #BeatTheChasers.” “I actually quite liked Beth and her humour, definitely unlucky there #BeatTheChasers,” a fifth added. Beth […]

Mark Labbett admits to mistake he ‘learnt’ from Beat the Chasers ahead of show’s return

Following the success of Beat the Chasers earlier this year, Bradley Walsh and five of the Chasers will be back for another series of the ITV quiz show. Mark ’The Beast’ Labbett along with fellow Chasers Shaun ‘The Dark Destroyer’ Wallace, Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan, Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty, and Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha will […]

Here are the towns Yelp says are seeing a surge of solar eclipse chasers

In preparation for the solar eclipse that has just begun, folks wanting to make sure they see the totality have been scouting for the best locations across the U.S. And according to Yelp, that means big booms in tourism for some small towns. Yelp analyzed data around searches for towns in the totality path and […]

Bill Paxton given GPS tribute by storm chasers after Twister star dies at 61

Actor Bill Paxton has been memorialized by storm chasers in Oklahoma after the Twister star died at the age of 61. More than 200 people used GPS coordinates to spell out “BP” over Wakita, Oklahoma — the town where much of the tornado-centric movie was shot — in honor of the actor, who died after […]

Nashville Recap: Storm Chasers

Need to catch up? Check out the previous Nashville recap here.  It’s time for The Exes to be exes again. Nashville‘s Best Musical Numbers So Far Launch Gallery Look, it’s OK. Not every Nashville couple is going to be the second coming of Deacon and Rayna. And Scarlett and Gunnar have been trotting around the relationship ring […]