The Chase: Mark Labbett calls out Bradley Walsh after star derails show: ‘That’s my line!’

Mark, 55, was on hand to try and stop The Chase contestants walking away with a grand cash prize in their back pocket this evening. As always, Bradley Walsh, 60, was trying to help the players along the way, asking them a series of questions to build up their jackpot. However, when primary school teacher Ben went head-to-head with The Beast, the ITV presenter was silenced as the quizmaster called him out for using a catchphrase which he claimed was his.

With Ben having accumulated £2,000 in his cash-builder round, he opted to accept Mark’s lower offer of £200 in the hope he would make it back for the Final Chase.

In the head-to-head round, one of the questions both players were asked was, “In the 2017 Star Wars film, who says: ‘The greatest teacher, failure is?’”

The selection of answers included Luke Skywalker, Yoda and Han Solo, with the contestant choosing the latter option.

Unfortunately, he was incorrect as Yoda was the correct answer but before revealing what guess the quizmaster had locked in, Bradley wanted to some impersonations of the characters.

As well as mimicking the Jedi master Yoda, he also took on the deep and sinister tones of villain Darth Vader.

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Cupping his hands over his mouth and exhaling heavily, as the Star Wars villain does, the presenter derailed the flow of the show as he said: “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

However, snapping back and jokingly claiming the catchphrase was his, The Beast declared: “That’s my line!”

Shortly after his outburst, Mark sat back and revelled in glee as his guess was correct, meaning Ben was in danger of being sent home.

By the end of the round, the contestant was sent packing having been caught by the Chaser, who went on to comment that the primary school teacher “couldn’t have played much worse.”


“It doesn’t matter what form I’m on, it looks like you guys had already given up based on your body languages when I walked on,” Mark hit back.

The Beast was unable to defeat Lynne, making her the first player of the day to make it back for the Final Chase.

Unfortunately, her teammate Lui didn’t manage to match her efforts although the mother-of-one accepted the quizmaster’s higher offer of £46,000.

This meant it was up to Roy to put his best foot forward to make it back for the concluding round to help Lynne.

Roy showed just how worthy he was as he managed to defeat Mark and added £6,000 to the duo’s jackpot total, bringing it up to £11,000.

Putting their heads together for the first time in the episode, the pair managed to score 17 points The Beast would have to match to defeat them – although he suffered a further pushback by getting his first answer wrong.

It was a tense final round as the quizmaster stumbled on a number of occasions and it seemed the team were going to outrun him.

However, with six seconds to spare, the general knowledge guru claimed the final point and his opponents left empty-handed.

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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