A TV news helicopter caught a game of ‘Mario Kart’ being played on the Kansas City Royals’ 106-foot tall jumbotron screen (NTDOY)

Twitter/KCTV 5 The helicopter for a local Kansas City TV station captured a game of “Mario Kart” being played on the jumbotron at Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals. Aerial footage showing the game on the screen was posted to Twitter on Tuesday, where the post has recieved more than 10,000 retweets and […]

Will location-based VR games like Mario Kart VR be lost to history?

ANALYSIS: I enjoy both virtual reality and Mario Kart games, so I’ve wanted to play Mario Kart VR ever since it was announced. Unfortunately, like 99.994 percent of the population, I would have to physically travel to a different city just to play it: One year after its release, Bandai Namco and Nintendo have only […]

You can now play Mario Kart 8 with Labo’s cardboard motorbike controller

In a surprise announcement this morning, Nintendo revealed a free downloadable update for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe that will allow the Switch game to be controlled using the Toy-Con Motorbike controller constructed with the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit. As shown in a brief preview video, the cardboard enclosure uses the Joy-Con’s gyroscopic motion sensing to […]

Google Maps marks Mario Day by adding a Super Mario Kart to your navigation

In case you missed the memo, tomorrow (March 10) is Mario Day — a day to celebrate the world’s favorite animated plumber. And to mark the occasion, Google has partnered with Mario’s maker Nintendo to bring the character to Google Maps for an entire week. But why is March 10 Mario Day, we hear you […]

Mario Kart is coming to your smartphone

Mario Kart Tour is coming to your smartphone by next year. The Mario Kart franchise is one of Nintendo’s largest, selling over 15 million units on the switch and wii u combined. Transcript: This will be the first time that Mario Kart is available as a mobile app. “Mario Kart Tour” is the official title […]

Mario Kart Tour isn’t a new Nintendo Switch games launch but a mobile title for everyone

While Nintendo have been against mobile games in the past, they now seem to be running headlong to embrace the new platform. Another major franchise has been announced to be racing over to devices and it’s one that everyone will want to check out. Mario Kart Tour is not a new Nintendo Switch game, but […]

Nintendo confirms Mario Kart Tour for smartphones, Switch Online launch window

Enlarge / Coming to smartphones by March 2019. Hopefully, we’ll see more than this logo screen by then. (credit: Nintendo) Following a release of Switch sales information earlier on Wednesday, Nintendo closed the day by confirming two major releases coming by the end of the company’s current fiscal year: the paid Nintendo Switch Online service, and […]

Nintendo confirms Super Mario animated film and Mario Kart mobile game

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima told analysts during an earnings briefing that Nintendo will work with Illumination to produce an animated Super Mario movie, confirming a report that the company is finally prepared to put the terrible 1993 live-action film Super Mario Bros. behind it. Nintendo CEO just confirmed WSJ's report earlier that Nintendo to work […]

Nintendo Switch news: Mario Kart 8 might have a rival for best Switch multiplayer game

Nintendo Switch fans have just been given some great news, as the games list gets a modern multiplayer classic. Co-op multiplayer game Overcooked has been given a release date on the Nintendo Switch. And fans won’t have to wait very long, because Overcooked: Special Edition hits the Nintendo Switch later this week. Overcooked will join the […]

Mario Kart director philosophical about need for the blue shell

Enlarge / Love it or hate it, Mario Kart’s director see the blue shell is a necessary part of the Mario Kart formula. (credit: YouTube / ZaziNombies) Since its introduction in Mario Kart 64, the blue shell has become a universal shorthand for the perils of video game rubber-banding; an item I called “scourge of […]