Wishin’ I Was Fishin’ – Minigames, Sidequests, and Culture In JRPG Legrand Legacy

For many JRPGs, turn-based combat and sweeping stories can make for an excellent game, but sometimes, it’s the small diversions that add to the experience. From game-changing sidequests like in Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, taking a moment to fish in Breath of Fire, engaging in Iron Chef-like cooking contests in Suikoden II, or doing some […]

Populate A City, Fight In Involved Turn-Based Battles With JRPG Legrand Legacy

Legrand Legacy: Tale of the Fatebounds calls itself “a love letter to our all time favorite JRPGs”, and judging from the city populating drawn from Suikoden, the involved turn-based combat it pulls from Shadow Hearts, and the complex storyline not unlike Final Fantasy, it’s a well-deserved claim. Taking players on a journey from slave to […]

Path Out Is An Autobiographical JRPG Of Escaping Syria’s Civil War

Path Out seems like a cute, somewhat silly JRPG on the surface, but takes players through a harrowing real-life event. Telling the story of Abdullah Karam, a Syrian artist who escaped from the war-torn country back in 2014, it seeks to convey the experiences the artist had on their difficult journey through a medium the […]

Blue Reflection doesn’t reflect well on the JRPG scene

PREVIEW: Puberty is a heckuva drug. But no matter how hard it is to be a normal teenager, no one has it tougher than the teens in Japanese role-playing games. Blue Reflection is the latest JRPG from publisher Koei Tecmo and its subsidiary, Gust Studios, and it features a lot of melodramatic youths and girls […]

People Are Reminiscing About A PS1 JRPG That Didn't Exist

Two game devs made up a classic JRPG to help promote their new title, a twine game about fandom, nostalgia and Usenet boards. What they didn’t count on was people believing the fake game was real. Advertisement Sophia Park and Penelope Evans initially gave out jewel cases for Arc Symphony, a “classic” JRPG that they […]

The Best JRPG Soundtracks

JRPGs are games designed to use a bunch of talking and combat as an excuse to blast killer soundtracks at you for hours and hours on end. Which…might explain why this list of best soundtracks also looks a lot like a list of the best JRPGs. What follows are our collective picks for the very […]