Taylor Swift concert used facial recognition tech to identify stalkers

You’re probably used to the presence of facial recognition cameras at airports and other transport hubs, but what about at concerts? That’s the step Taylor Swift’s team took at her May 18th show at the Rose Bowl, in a bid to identify her stalkers. According to Rolling Stone, the camera was hidden inside a display […]

Family and friends identify Madden tournament shooting victims as Elijah Clayton and Taylor Robertson

EA Sports Family and friends have named the two victims who died during a shooting at a gaming tournament in Jacksonville, Florida on Sunday, according to media reports. Police have not confirmed the identities of the victims, but fellow gamers identified 22-year-old Elijah Clayton, who goes by the gaming alter ego TrueBoy, and 27-year-old Taylor […]

Breast cancer: Simple blood test could identify women at risk of deadliest tumours

A SIMPLE blood test could identify women at risk of developing the deadliest breast tumours, according to new research. Scientists have discovered more than half a dozen genes that trigger ‘triple-negative’ cases – the most aggressive form that is hardest to treat.

I identify as bisexual — here are 5 things I wish people understood

Amanda Curran There is no right or wrong way to own your sexuality. People that identify as bisexual are not more likely to cheat. We are not confused and this is not a phase. According to the Kinsey Scale, sexuality is a spectrum. The way that you identify is not limited to “gay” or “straight,” […]

Google: Duplex phone calling AI will identify itself

After an impressive Google I/O demo where its Duplex AI system called a restaurant and salon to set up appointments, one of the big questions concerned the ethics of the technology. The Google Assistant voice took steps to pretend to be human, inserting “umms” and “ahs” into the conversation while a person on the other […]

Genealogy websites identify rape suspect who eluded police for 40 years

Enlarge / Mug shot of Joseph James DeAngelo. (credit: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department) For over four decades, a suspect in more than 50 extremely sadistic rapes and 12 murders eluded police in Northern California. On Tuesday, he was arrested after investigators tracked him down using online genealogical databases that contained genetic information from a relative, […]

MPs retweet claim that Porton Down scientists can’t identify nerve agent as Russian

Several MPs have retweeted claims that scientists at the British lab investigating the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter are actually struggling to identify the source of the nerve agent used. Craig Murray, the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan turned blogger, wrote on his website that scientists at Porton Down, the center responsible […]

Dementia breakthrough? Simple blood test could identify those most at risk

The new research looked at small molecules called metabolites in blood samples drawn from 22,623 people, including 995 who went on to develop dementia. The study involved people of European ancestry, across five countries – the UK, the US, Finland, the Netherlands and Estonia. Researchers found higher blood concentrations of molecules called branched-chain amino acids […]