#ICYMI: Christmas crisis as Yellow Vests and Brexit pests target Macron and May (VIDEO)

It could be lonely this Christmas for Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May, with the leaders of France and Britain going into the festive season facing two very different crises: Yellow Vests and Brexit pests. France and Britain have been bitter rivals for centuries, and now it appears they’re attempting to outdo each other once again […]

#ICYMI: The Salisbury poisoning – Petrov and Boshirov, two men on a mini-break (VIDEO)

Published time: 21 Sep, 2018 12:58 With every new twist surrounding the poisoning of the Skripals in Salisbury, an element of farce is not far behind. No sooner had Britain named its two suspects, the accused showed up claiming they were simply on a mini-break. Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov, who London accuses of being […]

#ICYMI: Sweden issues a fighting guidebook, but millennials want WiFi not wars

This week the world was asking, does Sweden know something we don’t? The famously peaceful and egalitarian home of flat-pack furniture handed out a guide to fighting a war to all of its citizens. Swedes were told to prepare for “total defense,” and that “resistance will never cease,” which is easy to say when an […]

#ICYMI: Don’t worry about social media being invaded… it’s the robots that will get you (VIDEO)

Facebook, Twitter and the rest are at the center of a moral panic about how your mind and decisions are being controlled. Yet scientists won’t leave it at that – they’re planning plenty more you should be worried about. The first time you see an autonomous killer robot giving you the evil eye, the days […]

#ICYMI: International Women’s Day – what’s the best thing gals have given us? (hint: It’s not sex)

It’s International Women’s Day – a time to celebrate our ladies for being the strong, smart, independent beings that they are. So what is the greatest gift that gals have given the world? We hit the streets of London to find out. Windshield Wipers American inventor Mary Anderson invented modern windshield wipers. On a trip […]

#ICYMI: It’s Oscars time! Just don’t mention H**vey Weins***n (VIDEO)

It’s that time of year when all the glamour of Hollywood comes together to hand out awards for ever more obscure movies that hardly anyone in the real world actually watches. Just don’t mention H**vey Weins***n. This year’s Oscars extravaganza happens in the shadow of the disgraced movie-mogul. Once regarded as the most powerful producer […]

ICYMI: Control D-ing this show

Today on In Case You Missed It: When this show was announced on Engadget two years ago, we promised to find you the offbeat tech and science news you might have missed while following the previous day’s big headlines. I’ve felt a great responsibility covering innovations from the likes of NASA and MIT, plus discovering […]

ICYMI: The evolution of car safety and a tiny search and rescue robot

Today on In Case You Missed It: While we’re all focused on cars becoming autonomous and electric, automakers have also been making important advancements in safety. No where is that more apparent than in a collision between a 1998 Toyota Corolla and its 2015 counterpart conducted by New Zealand’s ANCAP. The safety advisory slammed the […]

ICYMI: SpaceX’s rocket re-launch and a universal wireless charger

Today on In Case You Missed It: We take a look at SpaceX’s plan to see if its rockets are really reusable. Tomorrow the company plans to send the first Falcon 9 rocket that successfully landed on its floating barge back into orbit where it will deploy a telecommunications satellite. Be sure to bring some […]

ICYMI: Tornado simulators and cranial cracking robo-surgeons

Today on In Case You Missed It: Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are leveraging 20,000-core supercomputers to model the inner workings of supercells in hopes of finding out why some storms unleash tornadoes while others do not. In all, the simulation relied on nearly two billion individual data points. We also take a look […]