Hitman convicted thanks to fitness watch location data

An alleged hitman has learned hard lessons about the the value of GPS data on fitness watches. A Liverpool jury has found Mark Fellows guilty of the 2015 murder of mob boss Paul Massey in part thanks to location info from the accused’s Garmin Forerunner. An expert inspecting the watch’s info discovered that Fellows had […]

‘Porno hitman’!? SNL’s Pete Davidson blasted for mocking war veteran who lost eye in Afghanistan

A grinning Pete Davidson caught hell online for making fun of a wounded Navy SEAL and congressional candidate, saying his eyepatch made him look like a “hitman in a porno movie.” As part of a Saturday Night Live segment mocking the physical appearance of –mostly Republican– midterm election candidates, Davidson singled out former Navy Seal […]

‘Hitman 2’ Miami trailer shows murder with scissors and fish

A new gameplay trailer for Hitman 2 shows the crazy amount of improvisation you’ll be able to do in the game’s Miami level. While offering the standard gun/silencer murders, it also features our hero Agent 47 offing targets with with a pair of scissors, a large fish, a rock, wrench and a frying pan, while […]

Bill Hader breaks down how ‘SNL’ stage fright inspired his new HBO show about a hitman, and tells a funny Tom Cruise story

John P. Johnson/HBO Bill Hader used the anxieties he had on “Saturday Night Live” to create the character for his HBO series, “Barry,” about a hitman who wants to be an actor — though he’s awful at acting. Hader said the biggest challenge was making a hitman show that didn’t imitate classics in the genre […]

Sharkmob is the new studio from ex-Division and Hitman devs

EXCLUSIVE: Sharkmob is the latest indie studio to spring forth from the deep talent pool of triple-A developers. Its founders have racked up more than a decade each at Ubisoft Massive, working on the likes of Tom Clancy’s The Division and IO Interactive’s Hitman. Today the new studio announced that it’s working on a multiplayer […]

EastEnders spoilers: Mick Carter hires hitman to TAKE OUT Aidan Maguire amid dark threats?

EastEnders‘ Mick Carter (played by Danny Dyer) is offered a way out after falling victim to Aidan’s (Patrick Bergin) cunning ways. The Queen Vic landlord, who owes Aidan a substantial amount of money, could have the villain murdered in a shocking new twist. In upcoming episodes of the hit BBC series, Mick asks former police […]

‘Barry’ Trailer: Bill Hader is a Hitman Who Gets Bitten by the Acting Bug

Bill Hader is returning to Saturday Night Live to host the late night sketch series that kickstarted his career next month, and that’s mostly because he has a new HBO show to promote. Barry features Bill Hader in a new dark comedy series with shades of Dexter. The show sees the comedian playing a hitman […]

‘Hitman’ TV Series Teased by DC’s Geoff Johns

The CW has found a great deal of success by giving slightly less iconic superheroes the spotlight. Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow have created a DC universe that is more coherent and fun than anything in theaters. So why not bring one of the best and lesser known (at least to non-comics fans) characters of […]

A ‘Hitman’ TV Series is Coming to Hulu Courtesy of ‘John Wick’ Creator Derek Kolstad

Like many of the failed video game adaptations before it, Hitman doesn’t have a golden track record on the big screen. But perhaps a TV series adaptation of Hitman could finally hit its target. Hulu has picked up a Hitman series adaptation, teaming up with Fox 21 and John Wick creator Derek Kolstad to adapt the best-selling video game from IO […]