Penske Media Corporation Launches ‘Hail the Heroes’ Initiative With Team Rubicon to Thank Frontline Workers and Raise Funds for COVID-19 Relief

TVLine and our parent company Penske Media Corporation have launched Hail the Heroes, a thank you initiative to raise funds for Team Rubicon and their efforts around the COVID-19 crisis. Leaders from across PMC’s portfolio of media brands have joined together with stars in the entertainment, fashion, beauty, sports, music, and art industries to express […]

UK’s Def Sec Gavin ‘Russia should shut up’ Williamson tours Ukraine’s ‘frontline’

British Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has visited Ukraine and toured the eastern part of the country, where Ukrainian officials told him how they are fighting against a “Russian aggression.” Two regions of Ukraine are divided between rebel-controlled parts and those under control of the central government in Kiev. Ukrainian officials regularly host tours for foreign dignitaries […]

Media goes berserk over ‘frontline prostitutes’ considered by Aussie army captain to combat stress

Published time: 4 Dec, 2017 12:26 An Australian Army officer who researched the stress-relieving powers of sex workers for anxiety-ridden troops has left media outlets clutching their pearls. The indecent proposal was featured on an official army blog but was later removed. In an article titled ‘Sex And War – A Conversation Army Has to […]

Trump to Lebanese premier: ‘You’re on frontline of fighting ISIS, Al-Qaeda – and Hezbollah’

President Trump agreed with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri they will continue to fight terrorism. Falling short of mentioning funding for military support, the president talked only of continued humanitarian support of Syrian refugees in Lebanon. Trump told Hariri at a White House news conference on Tuesday the US has helped Lebanon by providing clean […]

From a bear on the frontline to POWs knitting CLIVE PEARSON explores WWII's bizarre tales

GETTY Clive Pearson reveals the stranger side of the fight against Hitler Before war broke out, Hitler and Stalin signed a non-aggression pact. Stalin could have sided with the Allies then, rather than much later, if only Neville Chamberlain had not been so suspicious of communism. As part of the Anglo-French negotiating team, instead of […]

‘I need to stay’: Iraqis linger on Mosul’s frontline, where death and ISIS lurk around every corner

Thomson Reuters MOSUL, Iraq (Reuters) – Sitting in a wheelchair and wearing sunglasses, pensioner Abdelraziq Abdelkarim enjoys the afternoon sun outside his house in Mosul after a day of rain. He does not flinch when a mortar opens fire just around the corner. His home is on the busiest frontline in the northern Iraqi city […]

RT visits Syria’s strategic Euphrates Dam, spots US ‘advisors’ on Raqqa frontline (EXCLUSIVE)

An RT crew has gained access to the strategic Tabqa dam, partially recaptured by the Syrian Democratic Forces with the help of US troops who were deployed to Syria to “train, advise and assist” but who were spotted just miles away from Raqqa frontline. While exploring the northern side of the SDF-controlled part of the […]