A group of researchers showed how a Tesla Model S can be hacked and stolen in seconds using only $600 worth of equipment (TSLA)

Alphr Researchers from KU Leuven university in Belgium demonstrated that hackers can secretly clone the key fob of a Tesla Model S and steal the car within seconds — and with only $ 600 worth of simple computing and radio equipment, WIRED reports. The researchers brought their findings to Tesla — which rewarded them for exposing […]

Russia wins WTO dispute against Ukraine on railway equipment imports

A World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute panel has ruled in favour of Russia over its alleged refusal to import Ukrainian railway equipment. Railway equipment is a major export for Kiev. According to Kiev, Russia has purchased wagons, rolling stock, turnouts and other components from Ukraine since 2013. Before the relations between Moscow and Kiev deteriorated, […]

This fitness suit turns VR into exercise equipment

An upcoming fitness experience is set to work with an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) suit to turn your VR gaming sessions into heart-pounding workouts. Sourcenity and VisionBody have partnered up to produce a new VR fitness experience that can be played with the latter’s $ 300 PowerSuit which houses 20 EMS patches positioned across the […]

High blood pressure symptoms – how to check if you have hypertension WITHOUT equipment

High blood pressure affects more than 25 per cent of UK adults, according to the NHS. The condition, also known as hypertension, puts extra strain on blood vessels and vital organs. It increases your risk of heart attacks, heart disease and strokes. But, you could get an approximate blood pressure reading at home without any […]

Saudi Arabia has the best military equipment money can buy — but it’s still not a threat to Iran

Saudi Press Agency Saudi Arabia has some of the greatest military equipment money can buy, but its military is still not seen as a threat to its longtime rival Iran. Saudi Arabia’s military has not proved capable of effectively fighting back Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. Its arsenal is designed for a large conventional war […]

Pumping Putin iron – Workout equipment in shape of Russian leader’s face on sale

Need a little inspiration to get fit? Why not head down to the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) store and pick up a kettlebell in the shape of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s face? Among its selection of state-of-the-art fitness and sports accessories, the ROC store stocks Putin-themed a “mood-lifting” kettlebell – called ‘Leader’ – bearing the […]

2018 Mazda CX-5: More Efficient, More Equipment

– Mazda has been moved by the spirit of continuous improvement, as it’s now upgrading the second-generation CX-5 crossover in only its second year on the market. The recently redesigned CX-5 receives a revised engine for 2018 with cylinder-deactivation technology for improved fuel economy, along with a rejiggering of equipment across its trim levels. There’s […]