Journalist explains why US doesn't need hackers to control the world, and it's hard to disagree

‘Russian hackers’ have become the go-to bogeymen for Washington. There’s little mention of American hackers though – probably because they aren’t needed, since most of the internet is a branch of US intelligence. The US, which is now raising massive alarm over Russia’s supposed efforts to hack everything Americans hold dear, has been refusing to […]

Liverpool news: Jurgen Klopp and John Henry disagree over major decision – offer rejected

This summer saw the release of All or Nothing – a football documentary produced by Amazon Prime that went behind the scenes of Manchester City’s Premier League title-winning season. Cameras captured detailed insight of Pep Guardiola’s training methods as well as giving fans the chance to see exactly what goes on in the dressing room. […]

Immortality, disagree, emigrate, and personality cult — here’s every word and phrase China censored after criticism of Xi Jinping’s potentially unending reign

GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images Earlier this week China announced it would be ending term limits for its president. That means President Xi Jinping, who was limited to two five-year terms like nearly all of his predecessors, can rule indefinitely. The change sparked a backlash online, with criticism flooding local Weibo and WeChat platforms. Unsurpringly, popular phrases were […]

This “Agree Or Disagree” Test Will Reveal If You're More Type A Or Type B

You got: Type A Yes you shift more towards a Type A personality which means you’re well-organised, meticulous in pretty much everything you do, and just a little bit competitive (okay, A LOT competitive). You tend to get stressed pretty easily but that’s because you’re super driven and just want to be the best you […]

United States of Europe? Germany’s Schulz wants to consolidate EU, kick out those who disagree

Published time: 8 Dec, 2017 05:12 The Chairman of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SDP) wants to redesign the EU into the ‘United States of Europe’ by 2025 under a single constitutional treaty. Those who disagree with the federal constitution, under Martin Schulz’s proposal, would automatically have to leave the EU. European hopes to create a […]

‘I agree with Putin, I can't disagree with our president!’ – Zenit manager on foreign players

Published time: 18 Oct, 2017 20:39 Roberto Mancini, manager of Russian football team Zenit St. Petersburg, has sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s criticism of the high number of foreign players in a recent European match. At a Kremlin meeting earlier this month, Putin mocked Zenit president Sergey Fursenko when the latter spoke of football […]

Pay Taxes for Issues You Disagree With? We Asked, You Answered.

Last week we asked, “Should you have to pay taxes for issues you disagree with?” You answered. Here are some reader responses and perspectives, with editing for clarity. Check back tomorrow for our next question.Every Wednesday, we’re debating hot topics in the lead-up to our next TV show, Third Rail with OZY, launching on PBS […]