‘IMMORTALITY’ Hides Sinister Secrets Between Film Frames

IMMORTALITY sees you exploring what remains of three movies and the interviews/documentaries surrounding them, trying to discern the fate of an actress. Marissa Marcel was a talented actress with a promising career…. The post ‘IMMORTALITY’ Hides Sinister Secrets Between Film Frames appeared first on Indie Games Plus.

The best video games of August 2022: Cult of the Lamb, Immortality, and more

After a somewhat light (but still fantastic) summer for video games, more notable releases started to come out in August 2022. Unfortunately, none of them were heavy hitters as games like Saints Row, Madden NFL 23, and Soul Hackers 2 were critical disappointments. Despite that, there were still some great games that came out this […]

Immortality, disagree, emigrate, and personality cult — here’s every word and phrase China censored after criticism of Xi Jinping’s potentially unending reign

GREG BAKER/AFP/Getty Images Earlier this week China announced it would be ending term limits for its president. That means President Xi Jinping, who was limited to two five-year terms like nearly all of his predecessors, can rule indefinitely. The change sparked a backlash online, with criticism flooding local Weibo and WeChat platforms. Unsurpringly, popular phrases were […]

Digital immortality? Funeral agency wants to ‘revive’ the dead in AI chatbot project

A Swedish funeral agency is looking for volunteers for an ambitious Black Mirror-esque artificial intelligence project that will give the deceased digital immortality and pave the way for communication with the dead. The Fenix funeral agency wants to create digital copies of the deceased so that grieving loved ones can still communicate with those they […]

‘Altered Carbon’ Featurette Explores the History of Immortality

Altered Carbon, Netflix’s big, weird new science fiction series, arrives this weekend, and in anticipation of this, the streaming service has released an in-depth Altered Carbon featurette that looks at the way the series treats life and death. Altered Carbon is, for the most part, a strange show. There’s a lot of rich, complex mythology in the series, and […]