United States of Europe? Germany’s Schulz wants to consolidate EU, kick out those who disagree

Published time: 8 Dec, 2017 05:12 The Chairman of Germany’s Social Democratic Party (SDP) wants to redesign the EU into the ‘United States of Europe’ by 2025 under a single constitutional treaty. Those who disagree with the federal constitution, under Martin Schulz’s proposal, would automatically have to leave the EU. European hopes to create a […]

Merkel & Schulz ignored foreign policy issues Germans worry about – ex German ambassador to RT

Germany’s major parties have been silent on foreign policy issues while the world and Germany itself face plenty of international problems, a German diplomat and FDP member told RT. He also said Germans want to improve the soured relations with Russia. Read more One of the reasons for the CDU’s failure, a significant loss in […]

Man of the people, or Euro fat cat? Chancellor hopeful Martin Schulz bids to take Merkel’s post

With Germany heading for federal elections on Sunday, RT looks at the controversies surrounding Martin Schulz, the Social Democrat candidate to challenge Angela Merkel. The leader of the German Social Democratic Party (SDP) and the former president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz is Angela Markel’s main opponent in her quest to become Chancellor for […]

‘Turkey shouldn’t become an EU member’: Merkel agrees with debate rival Schulz

The refugee crisis and the EU deal with Turkey dominated the TV debate between Chancellor Angela Merkel and her coalition ally SPD challenger Martin Schulz on Sunday. The rivals agreed, however, that Turkey can’t be part of the EU. “If I become German chancellor, if the people of this country give me a mandate, then […]

‘Trump is danger to US & whole world’ – German chancellor hopeful Schulz

US President Donald Trump poses a risk both to his own country and the rest of the world, the German Social Democrats’ candidate for chancellor, Martin Schulz, said, also accusing the Republican leader of oversimplifying complex political issues. “It was obvious for me that the solemn atmosphere of the White House would not civilize Trump,” […]