Emma Stone to Star in The Curse Showtime Comedy From Uncut Gems’ Safdie Brothers and Nathan Fielder

RELATED STORIES Emma Stone‘s latest blessing is a real Curse. The Oscar-winning actress will star in and executive-produce The Curse, an oddball scripted comedy that Showtime ordered to series Thursday, TVLine has learned. The series follows a pair of newlyweds who co-star on a “problematic” HGTV series and are trying to start a family — if only […]

AHS: 1984 Recap: Sins of the Mother (Plus, Who Created the ‘Blood Curse’?)

Wednesday’s American Horror Story welcomed back two popular players from previous seasons, though no one in 1984 was particularly happy to see them. The episode began with a look back at Jingles’ childhood trauma. In the summer of 1948, Benjamin Richter was just a chubby youngster at Camp Golden Star, where his mom (special guest […]

Daylight-saving time is a curse against humanity, and we should end it forever

Skye Gould/Business Insider Daylight-saving time, or DST, began in the US in 1918 as a way to conserve energy. However, many Americans believe the practice is not worth the hassle. Scientific studies also suggest that daylight-saving time may cause more problems than it solves. There are two main proposals to get rid of DST: by […]

The Curse of Being the UK’s Home Secretary

News of Jacqui Smith’s appointment as Britain’s first female home secretary in June 2007 surprised party colleagues and the country’s media. Yet some were soon predicting the promotion might lead to the 44-year-old Smith being well-positioned to become a future prime minister. What could go wrong? Well, plenty, of course. Fast-forward less than two years […]

The Curse of Monkey Island is easy to buy again thanks to GOG

The Curse of Monkey Island is a beautiful, hand-drawn point-and-click adventure game from LucasArt’s golden age. It’s also been nearly impossible to buy, as the 1997 classic hasn’t been available on digital stores. But no more! The Curse of Monkey Island is now available on GOG, a digital game store that specializes in DRM-free (d…Read […]

‘Tomb Raider’ Review Round-Up: Does This Break The Video Game Movie Curse? Nope

The Tomb Raider review embargo has lifted, and let’s just say the critics aren’t exactly enamored with the latest big-screen Lara Croft adventure. Not even Oscar winner Alicia Vikander is enough to elevate this video game movie – although there are some kind words here and there. Our full Tomb Raider review round-up is below. Lara Croft […]