Sitrep: The Air Force’s senior citizen chopper may have to hold off retirement

(video link) The US Air Force has some of the most high-tech aircraft in the world flying missions at the spear’s tip. But a remarkably large number of its systems are what would gently be referred to as “vintage”—and those systems are performing some of the Air Force’s most important missions. One of those senior-citizen […]

Wreckage of Russian chopper missing off Norway found – rescue service

Published time: 29 Oct, 2017 10:15 The wreckage of a missing Russian Mi-8 helicopter has been located, the rescue coordination center said in a statement. The remains of the helicopter were located “on the ocean floor north east of Heerodden, [at] a depth of 209 meters,” the statement said. Police “will be in charge of […]

Hold onto your ape hangers, American Chopper returns next year

This is not a drill: American Chopper returns to the Discovery Channel in winter 2018. The reality show, which was like All in the Family set in a custom motorcycle shop, aired 223 episodes from 2002 to 2012 on several different Discovery outlets. The longevity came in part from stormy dynamics on-screen and off: Paul […]

Baltimore officer not guilty of assaulting suspect in chopper cam footage

Published time: 16 Sep, 2017 09:36 Edited time: 16 Sep, 2017 09:36 A Baltimore jury found police officer Christopher Spivey not guilty of assaulting a suspect in an incident caught on police helicopter cameras. Baltimore County officer Spivey was found not guilty of four counts of second degree assault on Thursday in a case built […]

Rogue Police Chopper In Venezuela

Perez claims he represents “a coalition of military officials, police, and civil servants in the search for stability and against this temporary, criminal government.” He adds that the group does not have any political affiliations. “In this day, we are conducting an aerial and terrestrial operation with the only goal of returning power to the […]

Chopper buzzes Chechen highway, narrowly avoids collision with vehicle (VIDEO)

A military-style helicopter came within meters of hitting a vehicle in Russia after it was filmed flying extremely low over a major highway. TrendsViral Dashcam footage filmed in May captured the heart-stopping incident along the Rostov-Baku route, Gudermes, in Russia’s Chechen Republic.  The startling clip shows two helicopters buzzing over the highway that runs between […]

‘The Predator’ Asks Yvonne Strahovski to Get to the Chopper

When Shane Black revealed the cast of The Predator in a photo on Monday, one thing became abundantly clear: there was only one woman in that line-up of well-dressed and generally handsome gentlemen. But now, we know that Olivia Munn won’t be the only woman on the alien hunter’s to-kill list. She’s getting some company in […]