BBC’s Dan Walker probes MP Jess Phillips over tone – ‘Sometimes I should behave better’

Labour MP Jess Phillips spoke to BBC News reporters Dan Walker and Louise Minchin about shouting in parliament, telling the presenters she believes she could “behave myself better” but parliament is “theatre” and she’ll continue to heckle and shout like her peers. After chatting about contributors for her book Truth to Power: 7 Ways to […]

US wants China to ‘behave like a normal nation’ & respect international laws – Pompeo

Washington is pressuring Beijing to act like a “normal nation” on the world stage, Mike Pompeo has repeated, accusing China, ironically, of disregarding international laws and seeking to impose “decades of pain” around the globe. “We’re very worried that China will put the people in many countries around the world, in Africa and Central America […]

Behave: Jaguar Putting Electric E-Type Into Production

The sexiest car ever built rides again, only this time it won’t emit pollutants from its slender, chrome tailpipes. Jaguar Land Rover Classic, the automaker’s parts and servicing arm for old British tin, has announced a production version of its 2017 E-Type Zero concept will be made available to buyers. Yes, this is the vehicle […]

A male engineer explains why so many men in Silicon Valley behave so badly toward women

Clinton Steeds/Flickr From what we’ve seen, the vast majority of the men in the tech industry are respectful people, and many are outraged over the sexual harassment and discrimination their female colleagues endure. Even so, few of the ones we’ve talked to have been surprised at how women in the industry have been treated. The […]

Meet the Chilean cop sent to Confed Cup to make sure La Roja fans behave themselves

As one of two Chilean policemen sent to look after the South American fans, Alejandro Montero Zuniga sometimes feels like he is responsible for the image of the whole nation, but so far has nothing but pride, ahead of their team’s Confederations Cup semi-finals. “No incidents have occurred so far, the Chilean fans are being […]

Pippa Middleton wedding: THIS is how Meghan Markle SHOULD behave at the weekend's nuptials

As an LA native, Meghan, 35, is used to attending weddings that carry all of the social expectations of an American wedding. British weddings are very different to those that occur across the pond – so how should Meghan behave to ensure she doesn’t put a foot wrong and embarrass her other half? She will […]