Jess Phillips leaves ITV viewers raging as she says manifestos are ‘untrustworthy’

Another shared: “#GMB Jess Phillips digging a hole talking about truth!!” A different viewer defended: “I watched @jessphillips on #GMB and thought she was an honest breath of fresh air. I didn’t 100% agree with everything she said, but that’s ok. Yet on here I’ve seen tweets criticising her accent, her hair, her appearance, calling her names. Why?! Why do that?” […]

BBC’s Dan Walker probes MP Jess Phillips over tone – ‘Sometimes I should behave better’

Labour MP Jess Phillips spoke to BBC News reporters Dan Walker and Louise Minchin about shouting in parliament, telling the presenters she believes she could “behave myself better” but parliament is “theatre” and she’ll continue to heckle and shout like her peers. After chatting about contributors for her book Truth to Power: 7 Ways to […]

Family Guy Season Premiere Twist: What's Next for Brian and Jess?

Sunday’s Family Guy season premiere took us back to a place we hoped we’d never see again: Brian’s depressing fleabag apartment. This was to be the setting of his new life with Jess (voiced by Happy Endings‘ Casey Wilson), a terminal cancer patient he met and married in a matter of days. Of course, the […]

New Girl Final Season Premiere Recap: Did Nick and Jess Get Engaged?

New Girl‘s final season premiere trolls the audience not once, but twice. The episode begins with a “previously on…” sequence featuring Nick and Jess’ epic elevator kiss. We then cut to present day, and a different set of elevator doors open to reveal Jess arm-in-arm with (gulp!) another man, who is ultimately revealed to be Merle’s […]

Jess Fox and paraplegic Sam Bloom share stories of hope and determination

Video Jess Fox and paraplegic Sam Bloom share stories of hope and determination 1:30 Australian world champion slalom canoeist and Olympic medal winner, Jess Fox and paraplegic Sam Bloom both spend some time together to learn more about Sam’s devastating accident whilst travelling in Thailand. March 26th 2018 a minute ago /display/ news and galleries/ […]

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Ashley James flashes assets in hot tub with Jess Impiazzi

Since her Celebrity Big Brother co-star, Ginuwine, was evicted earlier in the week, Ashley has let her hair down and has really started to have some fun in the famous house.  Tonight’s instalment saw the usual blonde beauty transform her luscious locks with a slick of hair dye.  Ashley, 30, is now a pink poppet […]

New Girl: Are Nick and Jess Headed for a Series-Ending Wedding?

Unless you’re taking a social media sabbatical as 2017 winds down, you probably know that New Girljust wrapped production on its seventh and final season. And if you happened upon Jake Johnson’s recent Instagram post featuring a suit and tie-wearing Nick and white dress-adorned Jess, you’re probably thinking the eight-episode swan song will culminate in […]

Piers Morgan CLASHES with MP Jess Phillips over Jeremy Corbyn: 'Give us a straight answer'

The MP was asked what she thought about leader Jeremy Corbyn but she tried to dodge the question and gave a neutral answer.  Speaking about members of the party who did not vote for Corbyn, she said: “We’ve just tried to get on with our jobs and not just continue to discuss the leader of […]