Unlatched Jaguar E-Type hood doesn't prevent blind overtakes at Goodwood

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Behave: Jaguar Putting Electric E-Type Into Production

The sexiest car ever built rides again, only this time it won’t emit pollutants from its slender, chrome tailpipes. Jaguar Land Rover Classic, the automaker’s parts and servicing arm for old British tin, has announced a production version of its 2017 E-Type Zero concept will be made available to buyers. Yes, this is the vehicle […]

You will soon be able to buy an electric Jaguar E-Type like Meghan and Harry’s

Jaguar has announced that it is combining its modern electric powertrain and battery technology with perhaps its most iconic car of all time.  Jaguar Classic has confirmed it will create all-electric E-types through a new conversion service.  It follows the debut of the car at the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest in September 2017 and […]

E, ’lectrified: Jaguar Classic Makes a 1968 E-type Roadster into an EV

– Jaguar built more than 72,000 E-types between 1961 and 1974, so if one falls prey to mad scientists converting it into an electric lab rat, we may cringe but ultimately move on. – It should be criminal to molest an E-type—the only sports car Enzo Ferrari coveted more than his own and a permanent […]

Groovy, Baby! Jaguar Puts the E-type Back into Production (Sort Of)

– Here’s apparent proof that somebody at Jaguar Land Rover is a massive Austin Powers fan. The fictional secret agent/playboy came out of cryogenic hibernation in the late 1990s after 30 years in stasis to discover that women had acquired rights and that free love had got expensive. But also that his Union flag–painted Jaguar […]