Could Architecture Keep You Young?

Over the past 22 years, retiree Bruce Coldham has watched three cohorts of children grow up in his beloved Pine Street Cohousing Community in western Massachusetts, and he has every intention of living beside his young, middle-aged and older neighbors for as long as possible. With a host of bold new plans for multigenerational living, […]

Nvidia unveils real-time ray tracing Turing graphics architecture

Nvidia said it “reinvented computer graphics” with the unveiling of its Nvidia Turing graphics processing unit (GPU) architecture. The architecture will be the foundation for a whole family of future graphics chips that will focus on real-time ray tracing, or highly realistic, physically accurate graphics. Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, s…Read More

Incredible Cardboard Sculptures of Fantastical Machines and Architecture

Cardboard isn’t just for questionable bodega fruit anymore. Melbourne-based artist Daniel Agdag works his magic when it comes to the brown paper stuff, creating quirky, intricate sculptures that will make you wonder how the heck he had the patience to build each piece. “Cardboard is a surprisingly robust material that always surprises me to the […]

Small architecture firms will need to understand virtual reality

GUEST: Virtual reality is everywhere, and it is quickly gaining traction in the architecture industry. VR is in the early stages, but larger architecture firms have already begun to make major investments in it, establishing departments to manage the creation of VR models plans to help clients more easily see an architect’s vision. VR is […]

‘Astrocyte’ explores how architecture can interact with humans

Philip Beesley’s Astrocyte aims to show that architecture can be more than just ornamental. Built from acrylic, mylar, sensors, custom glasswork, 3D-printed lights and using AI, chemistry and a responsive soundscape, it not only invokes emotional reactions but reacts to participants’ movements and gestures. The giant, delicate-looking structure (inspired by astrocyte nerve cells), also prompts […]

Virtual reality walkthroughs are transforming architecture

GUEST: Virtual reality has begun to radically transform architecture, giving rise to “virtual property inspections” that provide a clear view of a property before construction crews even break ground. Contrary to what people see on their favorite real estate reality shows, which showcase a seamless process of building out and decorating a gorgeous home in […]

Mazda Kai Concept Previews Next-Gen 3, New Architecture and Engines

– Mazda used its home-country advantage at this year’s Tokyo auto show to map out its upcoming plans for design direction, architectural advancement, and engine technology. Those organizational intentions are manifest in two concepts: the Vision Coupe (itself a four-door spinoff from the RX-Vision concept) and the Kai concept. The latter is likely a preview […]

A fast-growing city with some unique architecture: Discover Singapore

GETTY Singapore is far more than just a stopover destination Yes, it may have become quite the cliché over the years, but one of the first things I set out to do when I arrive in Singapore is sample its famous Singapore Sling. I’m not the first tourist to do so, and I certainly won’t […]