HP adds Core i9 CPUs, Nvidia RTX graphics to elite Omen Obelisk desktop

HP HP saved a lot of updates to its Omen gaming family for CES 2019. Namely, the Omen Obelisk desktop—the pre-built machine that’s designed to tempt those who prefer to build their own gaming PCs—will be much more powerful in 2019 thanks to new processors, graphics, and memory support. HP debuted the Obelisk at the […]

How I went from testing a fancy new graphics card to shouting at Windows 10

Enlarge / The below article has nothing to do with a Surface Pro. But after my headaches, I wanted to smash any Windows logo with a mallet. (credit: Lora Machkovech) Sometimes at Ars Technica, a staffer has to call in “sick” for reasons other than illness, emergency, or hangover. Those are all poor working states, […]

Blackmagic external GPU review: A very Apple graphics solution

Samuel Axon Is the eGPU the future of Mac graphics? Apple wants you to think so, and, for the first time, it has worked with an outside firm (Blackmagic Design) to produce a sanctioned eGPU solution for the Mac. Simply titled the Blackmagic Design eGPU, it’s available for $ 699 exclusively through the Apple Store. […]

One of the leading graphics card makers is rumored to be announcing a new lineup of graphics cards on Monday (NVDA)

Rick Wilking/Reuters NVIDIA, a leading manufacturer and developer of graphics cards, is expected to announce a new series of graphics cards on Monday, including their newest flagship model: the RTX 2080, according to a recent report. The annual Gamescon gaming expo will be held on Monday, but NVIDIA is holding a livestreamed event before the […]

Nvidia unveils real-time ray tracing Turing graphics architecture

Nvidia said it “reinvented computer graphics” with the unveiling of its Nvidia Turing graphics processing unit (GPU) architecture. The architecture will be the foundation for a whole family of future graphics chips that will focus on real-time ray tracing, or highly realistic, physically accurate graphics. Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, s…Read More

Nvidia will ship its first ray-tracing Quadro graphics chip in Q4

Nvidia announced its first graphics chips that take advantage of its new Turing-based computer graphics architecture, the Quadro RTX series. The new chips for workstations enable real-time ray tracing, a rendering technique that traces the paths of rays of light to create highly realistic animations that can power games and other interactive animat…Read More

Declining cryptocurrency prices are making graphics cards affordable again

Enlarge / Data from PC Part Picker (credit: Timothy B. Lee, data from PC Part Picker) About a year ago, graphics card prices started to go crazy. Then in early 2018, things got even crazier. The price of a Radeon RX 570—a mid-range graphics card popular for cryptocurrency mining—soared from under $ 200 in April […]

AMD is gearing up for 7-nanometer CPUs and graphics cards

Intel recently told investors that its 10-nanometer “Cannon Lake” chips won’t be ready until 2019, but by then, it might get leapfrogged by its PC arch-rival. AMD told investors that it’s sampling next-gen Zen 2 processors with 7-nanometer tech in preparation for a launch in 2019. The company is also testing a Radeon Instinct machine […]

Pokemon Go news: Niantic’s new 8 Bit graphics, Ban warning and Mew Research update

The new Pokemon Go update is now live Niantic’s latest update has added a lot of new feature to the game that fans are just getting their heads round. Not only can Trainers now look to catch a Mythical Pokemon, but they can also earn new rewards and check out some new special visuals. New […]

Pokemon Go gets shock 8-bit pixel graphics UPDATE… but for how long?

Pokemon Go fans have been treated to a surprise new feature, as Niantic launches an 8-bit pixel graphics update. Hours after the launch of Pokemon Go’s brand new Research Quests, Niantic has released a new graphics update. Pokemon will now be displayed as 8-bit sprites in the newsfeed, menu screens, Pokedex and nearby Pokemon section. […]