A dead mall near Apple’s Silicon Valley headquarters is transforming into a $4 billion development

Eric Risberg/AP City officials approved the construction of a $ 4 billion development project just blocks away from Apple Park, the company’s new headquarters. The project was stalled for years due to concerns about congestion, traffic, and declining home values. The approval could set a precedent for future affordable housing proposals, including a $ 29 million initiative in […]

‘Mindhunter’ Video Shows Cameron Britton Transforming Into Serial Killer Ed Kemper

One of the memorable aspects of the David Fincher-produced serial killer drama Mindhunter is the incredible performance of Cameron Britton. Britton plays real-life serial killer Ed Kemper, and his work on the show is chilling and attention-grabbing. In a new Mindhunter video, Britton shows us his transformation into the character. I love Netflix’s Mindhunter for many reasons (it’s impeccably […]

She's Transforming Cancer Care in the Asia-Pacific Region

When Cathie Reid purchased her first pharmacy in 1998, her goal wasn’t to change cancer care in Asia. She simply wanted to improve health care delivery in her native Australia — a natural objective for someone who started working in a pharmacy when she was 16. And, knowing that cancer treatment was the largest component […]

Autobots roll out! Transforming robot unveiled in Japan

TOKYO — A Transformers-style, humanoid robot that can shape-shift into a sports car in about 60 seconds was unveiled in Japan on Wednesday. The “J-deite RIDE” robot is the brainchild of Kenji Ishida, CEO of Brave Robotics and a fan of anime movies featuring robots that could transform or combine with each other. “I grew […]

Location data is transforming every industry (VB Live)

VB LIVE: Prince Nasr Harfouche, a principal at Deloitte Consulting LLP, joins this upcoming VB Live event to share how every industry can leverage location intelligence to transform their digital marketing strategy. Learn how location intelligence, incorporated into digital strategies, helps engage consumers in real time, increases brand loyalty, and provides actionable data.  Register here […]

Kawasaki Concept J: Futuristic 3-wheel transforming motorcycle is back

At the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Kawasaki unveiled the three-wheeled, battery-powered, transforming Concept J motorcycle. Looking like perilous technology teleported from Canis Major, the Concept J rider has a choice of slinking over a low-down sportbike, or sitting upright on an urban cruiser. In sportbike mode, the suspension pulls the two front wheels close together. […]

How Blockchain is transforming the energy industry (BP)

Thomson Reuters For the first time ever, millions of annual transactions would be publicly visible and auditable thanks to the database created by blockchain technology. BP, Intel, Haliburton and others are among the companies leading the charge.  Blockchain is more than just a buzzword. It truly has the potential to turn entire industries on their […]

A mobile banking service is transforming how the poor transfer money — here’s how it works

Chris Weller/Business Insider In 11 countries around the world, some 30 million people use a mobile money service that is transforming how people handle their finances. It’s called M-Pesa, and it has lifted hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty in Kenya. “Pesa” is Swahili for money. The Kenyan service provider Safaricom launched M-Pesa in […]