Advocates urge more support for Yazidi refugees suffering seizures from PTSD

Yazidi refugees are suffering from high rates of a rare condition brought on by psychological trauma known as pseudoseizures, advocates and doctors say. Now, they want the government to do more to reunite them with their families and improve access to mental health supports.

Safety Advocates Getting Testy Over Automotive Apps, Consumer Data

Automakers began hunting for new revenue streams about two milliseconds after realizing they could put the internet into vehicles. While the earliest endeavors involved ride-sharing applications and new infotainment features, companies are now beginning to see new opportunities via automotive e-commerce, data acquisition, and in-car marketing. However, the delivery system used for these new sources […]

“Vote out” congresspeople who won’t back net neutrality, advocates say

Enlarge / Democrats vs. Republicans. (credit: Getty Images | Linda Braucht) Some supporters of net neutrality are focusing their attention on Congress and vowing to vote out lawmakers who won’t join a legislative effort to reinstate net neutrality rules. “If they don’t vote for net neutrality, let’s vote them out,” says the website launched yesterday […]