This Is Us: The Mystery of Randall’s Mom’s Whereabouts Is Solved

This Is Us sure loves doling out its revelations in bite-sized pieces, doesn’t it? Tuesday’s episode answered one major question about Randall’s mother, Laurel: Sadly, she’s no longer alive, having passed away in 2015. Make no mistake: That news is a huge blow, both to Randall and all of us who mocked the story loophole but still […]

How moms and babies rooming together can help combat opioid dependency

Canada’s opioid crisis extends to society’s very youngest: About 2,000 newborns are born with opioid exposure. But more and more, hospitals are trying to minimize the impact this has on new mothers and their babies, but allowing them to stay together in same room as they undergo treatment.

Europe's Home Birth Capital Sees Moms Opt for Hospital

Not so long ago, healthy pregnant women in the Netherlands who wanted to give birth in a hospital, rather than at home, were rare. They were usually foreigners who didn’t trust or understand the medical system. Now, says Amsterdam-based doula Maartje Bruning, a “vast majority” of her clients don’t plan to give birth at home […]

Furious moms unleash on Target and Walmart over ‘hooker style’ shorts for kids (TGT, WMT)

Target Target is being accused of selling “hooker type shorts” for teen girls in a parenting Facebook post that has since gone viral.  A mother of a teen girl took to social media to vent her frustration at not being able to find suitable clothing for her 10-year-old daughter at Target. The post has been flooded […]