‘I hated it’ Holly Willoughby opens up on being ‘shamed’ over her dyslexia

“At school, it wasn’t really that well known then but at college, there was one lady, in particular, and she talked me through it and gave me so much advice and for me, that was my turning point.” Later, Holly added: “For me, because I’m not very good at spelling, for years I felt so […]

ITV Good Morning Britain: ‘S*at shamed’ Piers Morgan makes EPIC blunder in obesity rant

ITV presenter Piers Morgan was on ferocious form this morning as fellow Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid declared he was in “such a weird” mood, but not more so than when he began a huge tirade against how the media portrays obesity in the UK. Arguing against her co-host’s opinions, Susanna, 48, ordered Piers, […]

ITV This Morning: Ruth Langsford SHAMED by Bruno Tonioli 'It's not my fault'

Ruth Langsford, 59, presented This Morning alongside her husband Eamonn Holmes, 59, with the pair interviewing Bruno about his new DVD. Looking back at the best moments from Strictly Come Dancing’s Blackpool shows, Bruno revealed filming fro the DVD was the first time he has watched himself back on screen. However, Bruno made a remark about […]

Orthodox Jewish women are being shamed for long 'slutty' wigs

Rabbis in New York are shaming Orthodox Jewish women over wearing wigs deemed to be “too long” and therefore “slutty.” Jewish law requires married Orthodox women to wear wigs, called sheitels, to stop them from enticing men who aren’t their husbands. Religious traditionalists are now cracking down on modern lengths of fake hair, which they […]

Sir David Attenborough shamed by the Queen ahead of broadcast: 'There's no pleasing you!'

Renowned broadcaster Sir David Attenborough has met the Queen on many occasions, having produced a number of her Christmas broadcasts in the late 1980s. But the acclaimed writer was put in his place when he asked the Queen to change her clothes, as the colour did not compliment the room he planned to broadcast in. […]

UK snow: Piers Morgan SHAMED by Susanna Reid just after another 'snowflake' rant

The outspoken presenter, 52, went on another of his infamous tirades against those who have been struck down by the recent snow flurries across the country.  Susanna, 47, branded Piers “the biggest whiner I know” after he went on a rant about everyone who moans about the adverse weather conditions. “You moan and whine about […]

WATCH: Tourist publicly shamed for throwing glove at Queen’s Guard at Tower of London

Video has captured the moment the tourist was scolded for throwing her glove at the soldier at the Tower of London.  The footage showed the aftermath of the glove toss, with the accessory seen lying on the ground at the guard’s feet.  Although the video doesn’t show the glove being thrown, witnesses claim the tourist […]