Virgin River season 3: Jack to admit to Charmaine kiss as star drops hint to fuel theory

But could this near-death experience accelerate the couple’s relationship plans? “I don’t know if Mel is ready for that,” said Breckenridge.  “Here’s the thing, the seasons take place in such a short period of time right? Each season is only around a month, a month in a half or so. So really, by season three, you will […]

A regional manufacturing report in China has gone missing, raising concerns the economy is much weaker than the government will admit

REUTERS/Stringer Much of China’s economic data has been lacking, at least compared to its usual standards. A regional manufacturing activity gauge in China recently stopped being produced and was deemed “illegal” by the central government. It had been significantly weaker than other nationwide activity gauges. There are reports the government wrote to journalists in China this […]

‘Will you admit that Steve was poisoned?’ Former Grassy Narrows chief’s family asks of governments

The family of former Grassy Narrows First Nation Chief Steve Fobister Sr. is demanding that federal and Ontario government officials acknowledge that Fobister died from mercury poisoning brought on by industrial dumping into the English-Wabigoon River System.

Clash of Dems: Did Cuomo admit he was lying in spar with NY gov challenger Nixon?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faced off against primary challenger Cynthia Nixon in their only head-to-head debate last night – but in the midst of political jabs and fiery exchanges, there was one comment that puzzled people. The exchange between the two Democrats over how to fix New York’s flailing subway system got so heated, […]

‘It was ethnic cleansing’: Polish president says Kiev must admit to massacre of Poles in WWII

Kiev must acknowledge the mass killing of Poles by Ukrainian nationalists in the 1940s for what it is – ethnic cleansing – Polish President Andrzej Duda said after reportedly snubbing an invitation for a joint commemoration. On Sunday, Duda visited Ukraine to mark the 75th anniversary of the Volhynia massacres, the mass killing of civilians […]

It's Time I Admit That Michelle Pfeiffer In “One Fine Day” Caused My Sexual Awakening

Hello there folks and folkas. As you might be able to glean from the title of this post, I’m here to discuss how Michelle Pfeiffer in One Fine Day caused my sexual awakening. Twentieth Century Fox And yes, I’m talking about the movie she was in with George Clooney back in 1996. Which was — […]

Flight secrets: Passengers admit to joining Mile High Club – with the cabin crew

One of the best-kept flight secrets is that of the Mile High Club, such as how many people really join it and whether or not sex on a plane is legal. Whilst many airlines frown on it, due to it being seen as having sex in a public space, some show discretion depending on the […]

Holiday secrets: Quarter of Britons admit to taking THIS bizarre item abroad

Britons heading on holiday often pack the usual items, such as suncream and sunglasses. The reason for a break away is often to relax and catch up on some much sleep. A staggering 74 per cent admitted a comfortable bed is one of the top priorities when choosing where to stay. Yet the study found […]