AI software helps bust image fraud in academic papers

Enlarge / Colorized photo image of a Western blot test result. (credit: Getty Images) Scientific publishers such as the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and Taylor & Francis have begun attempting to detect fraud in academic paper submissions with an AI image-checking program called Proofig, reports The Register. Proofig, a product of an Israeli […]

Cybersecurity engineering: A new academic discipline

GUEST: Cyber startups and legacy technology companies know exactly how to attract top undergraduates: a six-figure salary, a signing bonus, even a new car. With these luxuries in reach, choosing to forgo the job offer in pursuit of advanced higher education seems irrational for most new grads. However, this is exactly what’s being asked of […]

The academic who helped Cambridge Analytica harvest Facebook data said he has been made into a ‘scapegoat’ (FB)

CNN Academic Aleksandr Kogan helped Cambridge Analytica harvest Facebook data — but complained that he’s been made a “scapegoat.” Kogan told the BBC that he was assured that what he was doing was legal. He also said that Cambridge Analytica exaggerated how accurate the harvested Facebook data was. LONDON (Reuters) – A Cambridge University academic […]

Academic researchers fire latest shots in ad-blocking arms race

(credit: Shek’s Aperture) Advertising pays much of the budget for most online publishers, making the growth of ad blockers an existential threat. As such, ad blocking has set off a software-based arms race, with publishers finding software solutions that keep ads appearing, or entreat people using ad blocking software to white-list them. Ad blockers readily […]

‘Inconclusive’: Tar Heels escape punishment in decades-long academic scandal

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has avoided sanctions following a probe into allegations of academic fraud involving thousands of student athletes taking phantom courses in the Department of African and Afro-American studies. The scheme involved nearly 200 poorly administered and graded classes ‒ frequently requiring no attendance and just one paper ‒ […]

The NCAA will not sanction UNC after an academic scandal — here’s how a student-athlete got an A-minus with a one-paragraph final essay

ESPN For years, UNC Chapel Hill student-athletes and non-student-athletes alike used “paper classes” — courses that never met and required only one final paper — to boost their grades. The NCAA announced on Friday that it “could not conclude” that UNC violated academic rules after a years-long investigation into the academic scandal, saying the university […]

‘We hear nothing in Western media about devastation of Mosul’: Academic who visited city to RT

The devastation in Mosul and Aleppo are comparable, Professor Seyed Mohammad Marandi told RT, and yet the Western media only choose to highlight the suffering in the Syrian province and downplays the plight of those in the Iraqi city. Marandi, a professor at the University of Tehran, visited Mosul with his colleagues after receiving an […]

Game academic Richard Bartle investigates why players quit games

Richard Bartle became famous in game circles in the 1990s when he identified the four basic players in online games: killers, socializers, achievers, and explorers. Those categories held up extraordinarily well, and it helped game developers design their games with those four audiences in mind. Now he’s thinking about why players drop out of games, […]