Section 8’s Christian Sesma on how ’80s movies influenced his filmmaking

Christian Sesma is an ’80s kid, which explains why he’s eager to mention Aliens, Die Hard, and Indiana Jones as influential movies in his career. Sesma wants to create mainstream entertainment, and his latest directed film, Section 8, falls in line with those interests. In Section 8, Ryan Kwanten plays Jake Atherton, an ex-special forces soldier struggling […]

Dancing With the Stars Recap: Did the Right Couple Go Home on ’80s Night?

RELATED STORIES Slip on those leg warmers and pull your best Scrunchies out of storage, because Dancing With the Stars is taking us back to the ’80s. Though Season 29 hasn’t had specific themes every week — last Monday’s performances, for example, were an odd mish-mash of emotional routines and random sambas set to “Party in […]

The Voice Semifinals Recap: Which of the Top 8 Contestants’ ’80s Week Performances Were Totally Tubular?

I’m not sure any of us were — insert Valley Girl accent here — “Like, oh-my-God!” about the idea of The Voice’s ’80s Week after we heard what Team Kelly Clarkson’s since-eliminated Shane Q did to Billy Ocean’s “Caribbean Queen” during the Top 10’s performances. But on the other hand, that disaster did kinda-sorta mean […]

Honoring the ’80s, Def Con’s badge is also a text adventure

Enlarge / My DEF CON badge, complete with Wall of Sheep add-on from the DC801 crew, built by @kL34N and @SirGed. My puzzle quest is far from complete—it may require reprogramming and flipping a component. (credit: Sean Gallagher) Nearly 30,000 people came to Las Vegas last week for the 26th edition of DEF CON, the […]

‘This is the ’80’s all over’: A top Republican senator gave Trump some tough advice on foreign policy

Screenshot via @FoxNewsSunday/Twitter Sen. Lindsey Graham had some tough words for President Donald Trump on Russia, Syria, and North Korea on Sunday. He wondered why Trump has not been tougher on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Amid talk that Trump might pull all US military support from Syria, Graham said leaving Syria would be “the single worst […]

‘Ready Player One’ Trailer: The Plot-Heavy Trailer Takes On ’80s Nostalgia

Ready Player One opened to (mostly) rapturous reception at SXSW this week. Which means we’re due for another trailer filled with gushing quotes and high praise of the Steven Spielberg ’80s nostalgia vehicle. And Warner Bros. has lived up to expectations, releasing the first post-SXSW trailer for Ready Player One ahead of its late March release. […]

A Teen Photographer’s Intimate Snapshots of ’70s and ’80s Icons

If you rewrote Almost Famous to spotlight a photographer rather than a journalist, you might have something like the story of Brad Elterman – the “teenage paparazzo” who, at 16, began skipping school, sneaking into clubs and concerts, hanging out at studios, and taking photographs of the rock legends of his day. And like the […]

The Night Ripper Is A Playable Take On 80’s Horror Movies

The Night Ripper will have players walking the streets alone after work, dealing with the frightening presence of a masked killer who will make for a terrifying journey home. The Night Ripper follows Rachel, a young woman who is just trying to get home after her shift. The police have cordoned off a part of […]

‘WarGames’ Reboot Teaser: The ’80s Hacker Movie Gets Upgraded as an Edgy Interactive Series

If you ever watched the 1983 sci-fi hacker movie starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy and thought, “I could totally beat that computer,” then you’re in luck. A WarGames reboot is coming in 2018, as an “experimental interactive series” in which the viewer can finally answer the AI’s iconic taunt: “Shall we play a game?” MGM and the interactive […]