Theme Park Bits: Pixar Pier Edition – New Pixar Pier Glimpses, Interactive Pixar Ball, ‘Inside Out’ Candy Apples

In this (mostly Pixar Pier-related) edition of Theme Park Bits: Check out Incredibles Park and Pixar Pier’s interactive Pixar ball. What will the array of colorful billboards inside Pixar Pier look like? Take a gander at Lamplight Lounge and its menu. Are you ready for Inside Out-themed candy apples? What else is happening at Disney […]

Facebook uses AR to make movie posters more interactive

It’s been about a year since Facebook revealed its plans for camera-centric augmented reality. Now the company is moving ever further into an AR future with “target tracking,” a way to connect images, logos, signs and pictures in the real world with augmented content using the Facebook camera. A Wrinkle in Time and Ready Player […]

Makers Fund raises $200 million to invest in interactive entertainment

There’s a new bankroller in town. Makers Fund has raised $ 200 million for a venture capital fund focused on the global interactive entertainment industry. The San Francisco fund is headed by Jay Chi, a long-time advisor and veteran of the game, and he is joined by long-time colleague and partner Michael Cheung, a Tencent and McKinsey […]

Interactive wine map shows over 200 UK vineyards – is there one near you?

Wine enthusiasts may dream of France’s Cabarnet Sauvignon, South Africa’a Chenin Blanc or an Argentinian Merlot – but what about an English Chardonnay or Welsh Bacchus? Instead of dreaming further afield, wine lovers should look closer to home to try red, white and rosé vino. Wine experts, have revealed that you don’t need to […]

Downpour Interactive is bringing military sims to VR with Onward

SPONSORED: Presented by Intel While there’s no dearth of VR shooters out there, military sim enthusiasts searching for a VR version of Arma or Rainbow Six, where tactics trump flashy firefights, don’t have many options. Downpour founder Dante Buckley was one such fan, and when he decided to make his first game, Onward, after a […]

Everyone is going crazy for this adorable, interactive Chewbacca doll

Kirsten Acuna/INSIDER Hasbro revealed the “Star Wars” Ultimate Co-pilot Chewie at 2018’s Toy Fair. The 16-inch Wookie roars, laughs, and can be rocked to sleep. It will be available in the fall for $ 129.99. It’s recommended for ages four and up and requires four AA batteries that are not included. This is the Wookiee […]

One Day at a Time: Take an Interactive, 360-Degree Tour of the Set (Video)

Ever wonder what it would be like to be on the set of a four-camera sitcom? This incredibly unique One Day at a Time featurette gives you pretty much unlimited access. RELATEDPeak TV Treasure: One Day at a Time Press PLAY on the interactive video above to see what it’s like on the set of the […]

Hollywood’s Skydance Interactive doubles down on VR for the long term

David Ellison, son of Oracle founder and billionaire Larry Ellison, started his own Hollywood entertainment studio in 2010. Skydance has made feature films including Mission Impossible — Rogue Nation, Terminator Genisys, World War Z, and Star Trek Into Darkness. Now the company is branching out into games with Skydance Interactive, and virtual reality is its […]

‘Galaga’ Animated Series Will Be a Completely Interactive Experience

Flex your joystick finger. Not only is classic arcade video game Galaga getting adapted into an animated series, it will be made into a fully immersive interactive experience. So you don’t have to wait until Ready Player One comes out to experience the magic of Galaga rendered in the modern age. Honestly, there’s not much to […]