Can You Lose Weight From Your Couch?

Article was originally published on Aedit. Technological advancements in body contouring have made fat loss easier than ever before. As long as you know what to expect. We’ve all entertained some version of the same fantasy: skipping the gym in favor of a Netflix marathon while still losing weight. Well, what was once dismissed as […]

How long to become a medical billing and coding specialist?

Medical Billing and Coding specialists are great career choices for everyone, who is interested in healthcare services. The demand for qualified medical billers and coders is increasing at the appointed time. If you are in search of a rewarding career with great employment opportunities, then learn how to become a medical billing and coding specialist. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming an Existential Crisis in Modern Society

This article was originally published at The mass of men in modern society are in the throes of a deep existential crisis. It’s not hard to see how this plays out: 17.3 million Americans suffer from depression according to Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide Two thirds of suicides are caused by […]

9 Aestheticians Share The Best Skincare Ingredients For Fall

Article was originally published on Aedit. >From hydrating hyaluronic acid to skin-smoothing retinol, leading skin experts share their top picks for the ingredients you should add to your skincare routine this fall. Change of season, change of skincare. So goes our motto here at The AEDITION, and, with the hot and humid days of summer […]

8 Cosmetic Procedures You Haven’t Heard Of

Article was originally published on Aedit. Cosmetic treatments are on the rise in the U.S. and most of us are aware of common procedures like breast augmentations, face lifts and tummy tucks. But thanks to medical developments, our options are no longer limited to the classics. Cosmetic treatments are on the rise in the U.S., […]

Will CBD Work for Anxiety?

CBD is a compound in hemp plants that has been recently legalized in the US. Because of this, more and more companies have started selling oils, tinctures, salves, capsules, and other therapeutic products infused with CBD. Now, these products are frequently sought after as natural remedies for different conditions, one of which is anxiety. In […]

What Is Permanent Makeup Boston?

Holistic Ink is into tattoo business for a couple of years and also brings permanent makeup Boston due to customers demand. It has various artists who can give you makeup that stays for long. The artists use the tattoo technique in certain areas to enhance the color. You can have lip color, eyelashes, lipstick, face […]

Is IV Nutrient Therapy The Next Generation Of Skincare?

Article was originally published on Aedit. For patients brimming with topical serums, lotions, and potions, IV nutrient therapy has emerged as a trendy way to improve skin health from the inside out. But does it work? The AEDITION investigates. India Bottomley From Botox® to fillers, we’ve grown accustomed to incorporating syringes into our cosmetic dermatology […]