‘Worst week of our lives’ Jo Whiley sister had to be restrained as she battled Covid-19

The BBC Radio 2 presenter’s sister Frances, who has learning disabilities and diabetes, was admitted to hospital earlier in the week after testing positive for coronavirus. Whiley pulled out of her Radio 2 presenting duties to help her family and speaking to Andrew Marr, explained it has been the “worst week of their lives” as […]

Dr Hilary warned Kate Garraway as husband battled COVID horror: ‘Call an ambulance now!’

Dr Hilary Jones urged Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway to call 999 after a phone consultation with her husband Derek Draper sparked fears over his deteriorating health. Garraway’s husband has been battling a severe case of coronavirus since April and has been in intensive care for the past 10 weeks. Dr Hilary discussed his […]

Film unearthed from WWII trench reveals faces of Soviet fighters who battled against Nazis (VIDEO)

A photo from a Leica camera, which spent 77 years buried in a WWII trench near Russia’s southern city of Rostov-on-Don, has been restored by researchers, revealing a stunning image of volunteers fighting Nazis. A team of amateur archeologists, devoted to recovering remains and artifacts from WWII sites, made the discovery when they unearthed the […]

Miracle: Cancer survivor battled the disease 10 TIMES in a decade

PH Emma Hannigan has battled cancer ten times in a decade Having battled cancer an astonishing 10 times, she’s still here to tell the tale. “Each year I get to spend with my family and friends feels like a triumph,” she says. Emma, who lives in Bray, County Wicklow in Ireland, was no stranger to […]

Ranking Every Single Adversary Spider-Man Has Battled on the Big Screen

When I first pitched my idea to rank all the villains in the Spider-Man movies thus far, I was thinking small – I’d pound out a feature about the biggest bads in Peter Parker’s life and have a little fun. “Sure thing!” said /Film managing editor Jacob Hall. But then he added: “In addition to the major villains, […]

EastEnders' Martine McCutcheon battled depression and Lyme disease doing THIS every day

Actress Martine McCutcheon knows a thing or two about the value of good health. After years of battling illness which drove her into a deep depression, the mum of one, 41, now makes looking after her wellbeing a top priority.  “When your health goes, you just lose so much which is why I put so […]