Lyme disease symptoms: Five signs you’ve been bitten – but is it vaccine preventable?

Lyme disease symptoms are important to spot – the earlier it’s diagnosed, the easier it is to treat. The disease is spread by infected ticks. A simple bite can lead to facial nerve paralysis, arthritis and meningitis if it’s left untreated. So what are the first signs to look out for, how can it be […]

Lyme disease patient goes SEVEN YEARS undiagnosed with 'flu-like' KILLER condition

The NHS “insulted and failed” Adam Lomax, 28, after his GP dismissed his Lyme Disease as flu, he claimed. Lomax was diagnosed with the rare condition, which causes joint pain, heart problems and a bull’s-eye-shaped rash, three months ago. After a friend’s recommendation, he was tested for the disease after his symptoms persisted for almost […]